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whitby and the garden this morning


some pics of whitby when I visited last fri.

the steps nearly killed me,I had to stop and pretend to take photos to catch my breath lol.
my first tulip

tilly watching me

cannot remember if this is cherry or plum(didnt know how to turn the pic the right way)

hywel sitting waiting for birds(donnet lol)does it every day

my herb garden to be,laid some paveing and trying to fence it in,was going to pave the whole area,but the soil is lovely and didnt want to wast it,and my new poly tunnel cover,see how long this one lasts

and this little plant someone gave me last year which has spread all over the garden,it had little yellow and white flowers.yellow in the middle white on the outside,is it a weed

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Think that last plant is what they call 'fried egg' plant, (Limnanthes) I might have that wrong!! We love Whitby Lbug. our favourite place and yes you need to be fit to walk around there dont you?

17 Mar, 2012


Don`t think my knees would have made that climb Lbug.haven`t been to Whitby for years so nice to get a glimpse.
Looks as if you will get plenty in that poly tunnel and all in place at the right time.

17 Mar, 2012


I agree it's a Limnanthes :o)
Nice to see my name sake enjoying himself lol
I hope you grow lots of nice things in that polytunel ....
Tilly is lovely :o)
Whitby looks a nice place doesn't it.

17 Mar, 2012


Tilly and Hywel are both lovely :o)

Interesting set of photos.
First tulip is pretty.

17 Mar, 2012


One of our favourite places too,L.bug..and all the surrounding areas too..I know it as 'poached egg 'plant,G.mage..but not splitting hairs.they are both cooked ! Lol..two pretty cats there :o)

17 Mar, 2012


thanks all for that, and this little egg plant can i ask does it spread because last year it was just two flowers and its all over the place,im not sure about keeping it,I like things to spread but not take over if you know what I mean,just cut the mint back as well,surprised where that got to too lol

17 Mar, 2012


stroller I can get tons in the tunnel, at the moment 15 tomato plants,one kiwi and the start of my sweet peppers,and managed to do a potato sack today too,looks like my grapevine is dead tho,and a weird plant I grew from seed that dad brought back from thailand,I will take a pic and you can take a guess

17 Mar, 2012


What a pretty town Whitby is! My 'poached-egg plant' is going for world domination! I'll be hauling out clumps of it soon! ;o)

18 Mar, 2012

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