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new bins


im getting a new wheelie bin today,granted its useful but this is now three and they are not small,im going to have to pave an area of my garden now to fit them all in,makes me wonder how many more they can introduce and will we all end up with five or six lined up outside the house because i find them unsightly,chris

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Why on earth do you have three there - i've not heard of that, what a nuisance :-(
In 'this' county we have one wheelie, one green box and the brown box with a lid. (and a mini one for inside the house)
If you have even one step up to your property you're given sacks instead of the wheelie bins.

25 Aug, 2010


we have 4 would you believe ,black one..normal waste,blue one..paper,brown and tins and pink one waste..they take up half the side of the garden ..and remembering what day each one gets emptied is a pain ..i despair sometimes!!

25 Aug, 2010


Here in the North east area Louise1 most households have three bins one each for household/garden/recycling,but you only get the garden bin based on the size of your garden.They do come in handy and as I have an archway to keep mine in, storing them is not a problem for me but I know some people dont have any where to put them.

25 Aug, 2010


Crikey !
The area needed to accommodate these bins is out of the question for some people, i'm sure. There must be lots of people who just don't have that kind of space :-(
What a pain :-/

25 Aug, 2010


i call it bin city,it looks such a mess on collection days and no room on the pavements to pass them.

25 Aug, 2010


We have 5 on a two weekly collection - 1 for paper, 1 for plastic bottles, 1 for glass bottles/tins, 1 for rubbish and 1 for garden waste, and we are threatened with 2 more. It can get very confusing which week is which!

25 Aug, 2010


We have 3 .....

25 Aug, 2010


One recycle box(collected fortnightly) and good old black bin bag(collected weekley) Good for me not much rubbish(one bag every six weeks) great

25 Aug, 2010


Lol Ladybug we ve had 3 for ages, you should do what they do here mostly in my town stick them all out the front, they get payed for the rubbish which you yourself could sell on this is why they ask for you to wash tins, plastic etc out saves them paying for them to be cleaned. You can refuse the bins and dispose of waste and local recycling bins.

25 Aug, 2010


We have 5. Paper - cardboard weekly, Tins - Plastics weekly, Glass weekly, Garden waste - food waste weekly, All other rubbish fortnightly. All different coloured bins. The trouble with this, is, 4 different dustcarts, which means, never attempt to drive up the road between 8 and 10am on a Monday morning, and when they have been its like driving through a multi rubbish obstacle course up the road. Its even worse ifs its windy, I could go on , but its getting boring now. :o)

25 Aug, 2010


I'm so glad I don't have to tangle with the bin dilemma any more! In Essex as well as the usual main bin we had a paper box and a bottle box which were collected on alternate weeks and I NEVER got to grips with what box I should put out on which week. Now we have a large bin at the top of the village with two smaller bins added during the tourist season. Everything - I mean EVERYTHING - goes into these bins and is collected efficiently every week. We have had bottle banks in town for quite a while and I have noticed the recent appearance of plastic banks and paper and cardboard banks, so 'Green Spain' is gradually becoming greener.

26 Aug, 2010


We don't have bins. We have plastic bags. Green ones for paper/cardboard. Green ones for glass/tins. Pink ones for plastics. Collections are alternate. Green bags one week, pink bags the next week. Black bags for non recycling get collected every week. White woven plastic bags (look like Tescos hessian bags, but larger) for garden waste, gets collected fortnightly. We also have 2 hard plastic bins (looks similar to a small and miniture wheelie bin), The smaller one is for household waste such as leftover food, teabags etc. We then have to empty the smaller one into the larger one, and put the larger one out for collection weekly. We too have to wash out the tins and bottles. I get so confused which is which, I now have a chart stuck to my freezer door with the dates for each collection.

30 Aug, 2010

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