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spoiling the grandkitties


I believe the kitties are being appropriately spoiled. I have mentioned in other blogs about growing cat grass for the grandkitties.

First I purchased the snack tray to plant the grass in.

Grass is ready to go to grandkitties.
This is the 3rd batch of cat grass for the grandkitties. within 10 minutes Maloko and Drizzit had the grass grazed down to the dirt.

We now have a new addition to the family.Azul is about 10 weeks old.

This time I put twice as many seeds in. so that it might last a little longer. Maloko was lazing on the coffee table while I got the camera ready I told my daughter to get the grass off the porch. As Jessica stepped in with the grass Maloko quickly sat up with a meow and jumped over to the end table.

Do you get the impression she knows what this is? LOL

Having twice as many plants appears to help it last longer but it could be because Azul flattened it down. LOL

It is still in the evaluation process but Jessica is suppose to let me know if 1 package or 2 packages of seeds is better.

have a good day

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I never knew cats ate grass....I knew dogs did but only when they had an upset tummy. You live and learn :~))

Thanks for that, great blog

3 Jul, 2009


Blodyn eats ordinary grass. Maybe I'll try this for her.
You have pretty cats :o)

3 Jul, 2009


Wonderful blog.
Great photos. Beautiful cats :o)
No need for a lawn mower in your house !

3 Jul, 2009


The cats belong to my oldest daughter. She does not plan on having any children so I spoil her cats like I spoil her nephews. That way she knows I support her in her decisions. And I agree they are beautiful cats. I think Maloko's markings are extraordanarily striking.
The cats are indoor only so they don't get the opportunity to eat ordinary grass.

3 Jul, 2009


Beautiful grandkitties and such a good idea to provide them with grass,I would never have thought of it...........

3 Jul, 2009


Pitty they are locked in the house for the whole of their lives. That is so sad :o(

4 Jul, 2009


Sweet looking pusscats Kris, they obviously love this treat :))

My cats eat the common outdoor grass, they love the taste.
Some people say it helps them bring up furrballs but mine just eat it for the sake of it !

4 Jul, 2009


too many high traveled roads Hywel...there is no doubt that they would meet their demise very quickly...not to mention the neighbors would complain.

4 Jul, 2009


what a lovely blog Also lovely cats I grow cat mint and cat grass for my cat, Its the cat mint he goes cazy for . I have been told it makes them stonned (drunk) Well my cat must be drunk all the time he is always rolling in it LOL

4 Jul, 2009


never thought of cat mint...I did think about cat nip but havent done that yet.. Have to decide on container for cat mint...wheels are turning.

4 Jul, 2009

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