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Mookins blog about gardeners world and her amazement at learning about potato growth brought to mind my encounters with “city kids.”
I was blessed with growing up in a “kids heaven” I lived in a small farm town community(the benefits of farm living without the hard work) but a lot of the knowlege from the farmers rubbed off.
Summer days of running though the cornfields…if it was hot and humid enough you could listen to the corn grow (it can grow 6 inches in 8-10 hours) Now that I’m older you won’t find me listening to corn growing LOL you’ll find me in the airconditioning.

I worked for the Red Cross Blood Services for 6 years and had a couple of co-workers who had no experience with farms, fields, or farm animals and the look of bewilderment (trying to decide if I was feeding them a line)
When I told one about playing in the cornfields he honestly asked me how I didn’t get lost in it with all the plants looking the same. At first I thought he was jokeing then I realized he was serious. I kindly explained they are planted in rows and you just follow the row to the end. I don’t know if he ever believed me about listening to it grow.

A second co-worker was following directions to a blood drive. The directions stated “turn left at the elevator” (apparently written by country folk) She drove up and down the road a couple of times looking for the elevator. She finally stopped at the brick building on the corner and went in and asked the men inside where the elevator was? (I would have loved to been there to see the looks on the farmers faces) They of course chuckled and told her she was standing in it. lol.

Oh! the different lives we have and I’m sure there are stories about city raised folks chuckling at country folks for their lack of knowlege of city life.

My nephew standing in my dad’s corn patch to serve as a “ruler” to show how tall his corn had grown. Matt is about 5’11’’ Taken summer of 2007

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Great blog kmccue07 - how lucky you were to live in such a place. I just had to laugh out loud at the 'elevator' situation - it's amazing to think that people's experiences and understandings can be so vastly different!

15 Apr, 2009


I just wouldn't fit in a city. It's nice to hear your stories.

15 Apr, 2009


Loved your blog very interesting story.

15 Apr, 2009


Fantastic blog Km,
Took me back to my childhood, running through corn fields and chest high bracken with just an old black Labrador for company. Seemingly endless sunshine, an age of innocence and simple pleasures.
Even today as soon as I smell fresh bracken I am instantly transported back to these times. Happy days.
I agree Hywel I feel edgy and uncomfortable in a city, cant wait to leave, get back to my roots.

15 Apr, 2009


Experiences make us the people we are!
I lived in lots of different areas as a child. I remember running thru orange groves in Calif... putting colored muffin wrappers on crawfish hills in the swamps in east Texas.... and learning the subway maps in London! That is why I am the fab person I am today. : ) Totally goofy!

15 Apr, 2009


LOL ARE a fab person!! :o)

Great blog kmccue. :o)

I grew up as a city girl and was a city girl until the year 2000 when I moved onto a farm.....For me it was like coming home.....I felt like I should always have been in the country....It felt so natural and "right". Now I'm back in the city again and I hate it. Can't wait until Murray retires and we can move out to the country again.

16 Apr, 2009

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