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Guy Fawkes night - remember, remember...


By kate123


Two old pics from a few years back, as we cannot have any parties this year. We usually have a little party in our cul-de-sac, with neighbours, a fire pit, fireworks, food, drinks and good company. Sadly, we shall miss our get together this 5th November, hopefully we can do it again next year.
I do love the history of Guy Fawkes and the treason plot, it’s so very interesting. Another part of autumn we have to forego, but, all for a good reason. Protecting ourselves, our families and friends.

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Thanks Kate - I was just feeling a bit sad re no fireworks!

5 Nov, 2020


That’s one heck of a camera Kate, lovely pictures, there is something special about sitting round a fire, watching the flames the crackling wood, a few drinks with good company, when we go over to France we often plan it around the Bastille day celebrations, a nearby larger commune has a large lake and all the communes round about go and it’s all free, the most amazing firework display, giant and I mean giant paper lanterns are sent over the lake and all this with a band playing, it’s been s difficult year for the world and hopefully next year we can enjoy all these things and get back to normality, I do worry though how all these small businesses will survive.

5 Nov, 2020


Haven't heard or seen a firework tonight and there isn't that smell of bonfire night on the air either.
It is all a bit sad.

5 Nov, 2020


Sue, it’s all a bit strange isn’t it! First time ever that we’ve never had bonfire night in the UK, I think. It’s the traditions we miss.
Chris, we’ve had our log burner on, giving us the ‘bonfire aroma’..also heard a few fireworks, but nowhere near the norm.
Thanks Julien, that’s kind of you and yes, it’s that autumnal smell in the air right up until Christmas time..mist in the air and warm, crackling fires. Sounds like a lovely time you all get to enjoy on Bastille Day, love the thought of the gigantic lanterns floating up into the sky, it must look beautiful. Sounds like a wonderful event. Bons moments avec de bons amis et en famille.
Yes, this year has been quite distressing for all, hopefully we shall see some positives ahead in health, life and work.

5 Nov, 2020


Lovely pics Kate, thanks for making me smile 🙂.

6 Nov, 2020


No sounds of fireworks here either. The cats were disgruntled because we kept them inside all evening..
I wonder if Christmas celebrations will go the same way??

6 Nov, 2020


Lots of very noisy fireworks around us and was not impressed had to clear front & back garden of firework debris this morning! 😕 Kept the cats in who where unsettled and must admit as I’m getting a little bit older I enjoy the noisy fireworks less and less...

6 Nov, 2020


lots of them going off around us last night and the neighbours dog was so distressed it had to be sedated. The dog is subdued today but otherwise ok. Always a bit anxious in case a firework sets the garage, where the motorbikes are, on fire. Like you Amsterdam, a bit of debris to pick up.

I do like watching fireworks and I love the smell of them and as long as I know they are going off the noise doesn't bother me.

6 Nov, 2020


So sorry you had to forgo your party Kate. It sounds like a lot of fun. My family reunion was also cancelled as were Thanksgiving & Christmas. However you are strong and healthy and that's everything. From what I've heard about the covid virus - it's devastating. Some people don't ever make a full recovery and suffer permanent maladies. If they survive. Hopefully this will pass soon. I'll probably stay home this year for the holidays. Stay safe Kate - this too shall pass.

6 Nov, 2020


Thanks Paul, it’s a nice close knit event we share, and the fireworks are once a year. I appreciate it’s not pleasant for many including pets - my cat isn’t impressed and needs lots of cuddles - I get frustrated by people who set of fireworks for any reason, birthdays, barbecues, and the like.
I think they look beautiful, although the noise is horrible.
I’m so sorry you are missing out on family reunions and festivities, how awful for you. Thanksgiving is usually around my birthday, I’ll be having a quiet one this year. I do think this will all affect the mental health of many people, it’s difficult as we’re trying to stop the virus spreading and mutating..but, it will have impacts in other areas of people’s lives. This long covid seems to be emerging also, with people struggling months after initial infection. I’m hoping the vaccine will appear soon and life may start to ‘normalise’ eventually, if it ever does..

7 Nov, 2020

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