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Autumnal days..and the clocks ‘Fall’ back.


By kate123


Traversing the countryside this week, passing through picturesque villages. I noticed, although there were vivid autumnal yellows and oranges dotted around, a few green leaves were still ‘hanging on in there’ a bit longer. After all, we still have November to enjoy.
I’m looking forward to misty mornings, Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, bonfires, crispy cool weather, cosy fires and the smell of burning wood…

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Great pictures Kate, the one of the hedge by the graveyard is really nice with all the colours, and that large espalier on the house wall, do you know what it is, I was thinking pear tree, yes guy fawkes , bonfire night all add to this marvellous season, I have to laugh because guy fawkes always takes me back to the early seventies when kids were kids and we did penny for the guy, I remember we put my younger brother in a push chair and put a mask on him and wheeled him outside the shops shouting penny for the guy, and whilst it was hard to contain our laughter we always got money to and get fritters from the chippy.

23 Oct, 2020


Thank you kindly, Julien. Yes, I do love the hedge - it caught my eye for the first time the week before. So, I thought I must take a pic when I drive through that village again on my way to Lincoln. I’m not sure what the espaliered plant is? May be a pear? Maybe someone else will know.
Good memories from the 70s you have - sounds like really good old fashioned fun.
I do love nostalgia. I remember getting all dressed up for Halloween, it’s my sisters birthday too! Sometimes we’d have a spooky birthday party for her with lit pumpkins at the front window. Other times, we’d be out in our costumes, having to ‘Bob for apples’ or ‘sing for our sweeties’ as we made our way around the houses.
I love Guy Fawkes night - all the history that surrounds it too! We usually have an annual bonfire night party in our little cul-de-sac, with a big fire pit, food, drinks and fireworks. Sadly, not this year...

24 Oct, 2020


Such lovely, atmospheric photos. I too loved the one of the grave yard - great minds think alike!!!
I love bonfires and the smell of wood smoke at this time of year. It is nice to get warm and cosy indoors..........looking forward to sunny days once more!!

24 Oct, 2020


Terrific pictures Kate - really eye-catching 🙂.

24 Oct, 2020


Lovely autumn scenes Kate. What took my breath away was that meticulously trained espalier though. Imagine how often it must involve climbing a tall ladder! I envy you all your bonfires. We've been told not to have any more as our only bonfire site is underneath some power lines and the nice technician told us its possible for bits floating up in the smoke can cause arcing from the wires - he said he has know this to happen. I hope everyone who has a fire to go to has a lovely evening - roast potatoes, bonfire toffee and sparklers for the little ones...have a great time !

24 Oct, 2020


Beautiful pictures,Kate,you have captured Autumn so well,and we are so lucky to live in lovely parts of the Country.thank you for sharing :o)

24 Oct, 2020


Thanks Chris! Yes, I was trying to snap the hedging from a different aspect, the little cemetery was just opposite!
I agree with you, lovely autumnal colours, smells and coziness then after Christmas and New Years we look forward to the warmer seasons!
Thank you Sheila! ☺️
Thank you Julia! You know, I’ve driven through that village for a long time now, years in fact..I’d never see the the espaliered structure before!!! Had I missed it? How come?
I’m not sure how things are going to be here in the next few weeks? It’s a waiting game for everyone, although some of you have gone into the higher tiers. It’s all so stressful and confusing at times! I feel incredibly sorry for your son, what a terrible time. I just hope he can hold on and get back on top when your area gets back to some sort of ‘normal’. Fingers crossed!
Thanks Sue! I know, I said earlier how on earth have I not seen this espalier before this week??? It’s a really beautiful one. I’ll be keeping my eye open whenever I pass by now - hoping to catch someone up on a ladder that I may be able to photograph! 😁
What a real shame you can’t have any more bonfires due to the site being unsafe..not sure anyone may be able to have a good old fashioned bonfire night party this year..🙁
Klahanie, thank you very much! That’s a lovely message! I’m well chuffed!
Thank you, Bloomer! That’s kind. You are so right, we live in a beautiful country with lots of picturesque places of interest and history..for such a small island, we have a lot to offer!

24 Oct, 2020


Hi Kate Love your photos.Do we change our clocks this weekend? I'll add a slice of hot apple pie to your list with coffee. Kind of bittersweet to see the days shorten and dark and cold. Are those chestunts I see - 3rd pic up?

24 Oct, 2020


Thanks Paul, that’s really kind! Ha! Made me laugh about the clock change! It’s still a quaint old thing we do here! Yes, tonight we turn our clocks back again, an hour...crazy!
I have to agree with your adding apple pie and coffee! On, and definitely hot apple pie..I like mine with Cornish ice cream, yum! I know what you mean about the darker days and evenings and the colder weather. Saying that, I do like the changing seasons!
Yes, those are chestnuts you spotted on the 3rd pic up. Real beauties!

24 Oct, 2020


What an eye you have - super shots of Autumn colour. I especially like the churchyard view. Beautiful routes you take, Kate.
We drove thro' North Wilts yesterday and the villages were a picture. Too misty and damp to take good photos, sadly.

25 Oct, 2020


Lovely photos Kate, you really do have some beautiful countryside around where you are, I love the autumn myself, you just seem to have that lovely brackish smell in the air, think it stems back to when I was a teenager in the navy, we had been away for about 3months to return in the autumn, the first thing I noticed was that autumnal smell and loved it ever since, mind you the one thing I don't love is this perpetual rain that we have been having.

25 Oct, 2020


Beautiful photos thanks Kate,the contrast of colours this time of year is what makes autumn special
The espalier tree up against the house is so well though out,loved it.
Its such a privilege to go for walks this season.

25 Oct, 2020


Fabulous photo's Kate, I'm local and know I'm biased but we do live in a beautiful county, we've had to travel a lot in the last week, (various hospitals) the countryside is absolutely wonderful, full of autumn colours, many of which are so vibrant, much as they are in our gardens, some trees still very green and showing no signs of giving up yet....

25 Oct, 2020


I agree with everyone Kate that you live in lovely countryside. I loved all your pictures with Autumn colour.
We unfortunatel living near the sea don't see many trees around apart from roadside ones.
I hope you are ok Sue with mentioning hospitals!

26 Oct, 2020


Some great pictures in your blog, Kate! As others have mentioned you live in a great part of the country, although there are trees around here with autumnal colours, there is little else to see.

That espaliered tree looks wonderful & must have taken many years to get to how it is now. How could you have possibly missed it if you have been past the house as many times as you say?

27 Oct, 2020


Thank you Ange, that’s kind of you! I know what you mean about the weather, this past couple of days it has been miserable and definitely no photo opportunities!
Thanks Davey, I love that word ‘ brackish ‘ it’s so apt in how you’re describe the autumn air. It’s so nice isn’t it when a certain smell evokes fond memories. I always think we can smell Christmas approaching too in late autumn.
Many thanks, Jake! I love the colourful foliage in autumn, it does make you smile doesn’t it, all the cheerful colours and walking through fallen leaves and the crispness to the air. The espalier was a beauty - passed by it again today.
Thanks Sue, yes, it’s definitely a very picturesque county! I can imagine it’s been arduous for you travelling to various hospitals - the county is quite well spread out! I do hope you and your family are well!
Thank you, Rose. Saying that, living by the coast has some lovely advantages too! Especially when you have your camera at the ready. Some beautiful coastal gardens and beach grasses and plants too.
Hi Balcony, thank you! I’m so lucky to have a great job and a great road to travel on and yes! - goodness knows how on earth I have missed this espalier!!?! Saying that, I had my eyes open today and I did see on passing by! ☺️

27 Oct, 2020

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