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By johnjoe


I was cleaning out my shed and I may tell you it needed it badly. In the process of clearing out I came across a old tool box which I got from British Firm called G&N Haden Eng, over 50 years ago. Down in the corner of the tool box I found a Irish Thrupennybit. The first thing I thought of was Thrupennybit lovely blog tilted, The Canals. I don’t know if ye in Britain had the same slang as we had for our coins as we used £,s,d before we went to euro. I will upload some Irish coins and compare the slang we had on or coins. This of course is only for us oldies who were around when we had £.s.d

First,, was 1/2 a crown, slang was 1/2 a Doller

Second,, was 2 Shillings, slang was 2 Bob

Third,, was 1 shilling, slang was 1/2 Bob

Forth,, was 6 pence, slang was Tanner

Fifth,, was 3 pence, slang was Thrupence or Thrupennybit

Sixth,, was Farthing, slang I will let you figger that one out for yourself

Seventh,, was 1 Penny, slang wing

Fight,, was ha’’penny, slang 1/2 wing

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Fascinating stuff! When I look at the old UK pennies, half-crowns and such like it's unbelievable that they weighed so much and we carted them about. But then I suppose we didn't have so many, well remember the time when it made a difference if you had 5 bob (5/- or 25p) to buy the meat for a meal or whether it was omelettes!

10 Apr, 2016


I remember the same slang for all the coins except the penny and 1/2penny.
reminds me of a joke/conundrum why is a dead horse like a child waiting for sixpence?
they both need the tanner!

10 Apr, 2016


Thanks Seaburngirl, love your joke.

11 Apr, 2016


Thanks Honeysuckle They were heavy and well designed , a tanner would bring you to the flicks,

11 Apr, 2016


I'm 48, I remember when I was a child going to buy crisps with a sixpence, I remember it was 2 1/2 p I think, and remember my grandad saying 10 bob piece. :-)

11 Apr, 2016


Daylily, I think your granddad might have said a 10 bob note. Money was hard to get in those days and If you had 10 bob note one could have a good weekend with it.

11 Apr, 2016


Hi Johnjoe ah yes OK, is that the equivalent to 50p now, doesn't even buy a bottle of milk now ! :-)

11 Apr, 2016

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