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Now I've started, you can't shut me up ...


By jan65


… here I am again, twice today. Just thought I’d say that although I like seeing photos of plants and flowers, what I REALLY like to see is photos of your gardens. I love to see what people have done with their little patches or their huge acres. There are so many good ideas out there, it’s so inspiring, and I love seeing them all. MORE PLEASE!!!!

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Jan, i'm the same .... i love seeing peoples gardens and plants !
The garden forum bug .....
..... it's infectious, isn't it ?? :)))

13 Jul, 2009


Hi Louise, so glad I'm not alone! It's definitely infectious ... I'm supposed to be making the tea! Better get in the kitchen before hubby gets home so that he doesn't suspect a thing ...

13 Jul, 2009


LOL ;)

13 Jul, 2009


Twice in one day. lol. You have cought the bug haven't you. :o)
I like to see the layout of a garden aswell. I'll show some photos of mine soon.

13 Jul, 2009


the blogs i enjoy are the ones of goy members gardens i love the little tours

13 Jul, 2009


I love looking at the pics of others, I get so jealous sometimes then I get twitchy and restless and my imagination goes into overdrive and I start fiddling with this and that in the garden. moving things re potting thisngs dreaming about having my own garden centre or a show garden....
happy days

xx x x

13 Jul, 2009


Yes Jan I agree with you. My favourite pics are of garden views too. I like looking at all the photos but glimpses of the overall picture are as you say, so inspiring, they make you want to get out there and change it all around. (again!).

13 Jul, 2009


I always think other people's gardens are so much better than mine, and tend to think everyone else is an expert, too! It's only when I talk to friends who aren't such keen gardeners that I realise that my garden is actually quite nice, and I know a little bit more than I think I do. (Modest as well, what a girl.)

13 Jul, 2009

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