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By jan65


My husband spent some time this weekend removing our daughter’s old swing and sandpit from her play area in preparation for a new swing going up.

I took the opportunity of taking some photos of the garden without the swing in view – it looks so nice without it! Shame there’s another one being delivered this afternoon!

I was unhappy with the back border once last year’s summer plants had died down. I’m not very good at judging how big things are going to grow, and I ended up with some things crowded together but with other areas being completely bare. I also lost a few things, such as a couple of lupins and scabius that succumbed to mildew, I think, which left more spaces.

So I decided to have a little re-jig and wanted to create a base of evergreens, with some deciduous and some spaces for summer colour.

Existing plants that I left in include a choysia ternata Sundance in its pot, a ribes and a couple of hostas – these are all in the left hand corner of the border:

Then along the back there is a viburnum, and another – enormous – hosta which I adore:

… then a photinia red robin in the centre of the border, a griselina and a box shrub at the right hand side. There’s also some montbretia and crocosmia Lucifer in between.

There are a couple of perennial dianthus:

… and a beautiful princess lily that comes up every year at the front centre (unfortunately not yet in flower but which is a lovely pale peachy shade):

To add to the existing plants, I have now planted a few euonymus emerald n gold:

… and a couple of euonymus emerald gaiety:

an escallonia laevis ‘Gold Brian’

… and a spiraea ‘Golden Princess’.

I’ve planted two geranium macrorrhizum for some ground cover, a potentilla fireball mixed:

and a new scabius Ritz Blue because I love scabius and wanted to try again.

I also planted a Heutuynia donated by my dad although after reading some info on GoY about how invasive it is I’m thinking of taking it out again! I do love it though so may put it in a big pot:

In between all this, I put in a couple of marguerites:

a couple of pink and blue isotomas (never had these before):

… along with a few nemetia (forgot to photograph these!), and dotted wherever I could squeeze them, some pot marigolds:

… and geraniums grown by my dad.

I think that’s the lot! I’m bound to have forgotten something. Here’s the resulting whole border.

Anyway, I’m pleased with it so far. I think I’ve probably planted far too much and it will all get very crowded, but I hate to see bare soil and can’t resist popping something else in wherever there’s a space! I’m now looking forward to seeing the flowering plants burst into bloom, hopefully, to add some colour to what looks like a very green border.

One thing I’m not too happy with, and that’s the red robin.

I only planted this shrub last year and am happy with its growth – although it suffered some frost damage which is why it looks a bit peaky – but I think it makes the back of the border look dark and quite spooky! It’s quite shady now under the trees, and I wish I’d planted a nice bright shrub that would stand out and brighten things up a bit.

I have another red robin at the side of the play area which is about 8 feet tall and is higher than the fence on that side, which is only 5 feet. When the sunlight shines through the red growth, it looks absolutely beautiful – here’s a pic, the red robin on the right hand side.

However, the smaller one against the taller back fence doesn’t get the sunlight shining through it and consequently looks a bit dark and spooky I think. I don’t want it to get taller than the fence.

I can feel another project coming on … and possibly another blog, the search for a brighter shrub! (Any excuse, eh?) Watch this space.

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Your borders look lovely Jan. Love the hostas!

14 Jun, 2010


Thank you Dylandog! The big one has a few holes in from slugs or snails but touch wood seems to be just about the only thing that gets attacked by them in my garden, luckily. (Now that's tempting fate, I shouldn't have said anything!)

14 Jun, 2010


Ooops, sshhh... lol

14 Jun, 2010


lovely garden

14 Jun, 2010


Thank you Khayla!

14 Jun, 2010


It looks very nice. I hate bare soil aswell. It's better to plant things closely and then you get a nice overall effect.

15 Jun, 2010


Thanks Hywel!

16 Jun, 2010


looks wonderful :))

1 Mar, 2013

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