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Colour in the garden


By jan65


Having just planted lots of summer stuff in the garden, and done some troughs and planning some baskets, I was talking to my dad about colour schemes in the garden the other day.

We are both of the opinion that we just like a general mish mash of colours and stick any colour anywhere with any other colour that happens to be there! Neither of us worry about the colour wheel or having white borders, pink borders, etc. (Probably because our gardens aren’t big enough it must be said!) My only real preference is that I like bright colours and whites rather than pastel colours, although I do have pastels too as too many brights would be too much.

I’m exactly the same with my Christmas tree. I always admire other people’s trees that are colour co-ordinated and with fashionable white lights, but when I come to decorate my own tree, it’s a case of anything goes and I love the variety and the multi-coloured lights that I’ve always used.

It just got me wondering what sort of gardening colour schemes other people like?

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I was about to log off when I read this and can only say I've always steered away from bright red and /or orange flowers, also black grassses despite them being in fashion. Plus, my husband is colour blind which, in his case, means he can't see red Poppies or berries ! I'm actually creating a blue and yellow border this year as those colours are ones he always comments on. Also, varying shades of green can make a garden interesting. I'm with you on the Christmas tree, I've never colour co-ordinated mine ! : o ) ) )

14 Jun, 2010


Hi Shirleytulip - it's a good job we're all different otherwise our gardens would all be clones of each other! I love bright red and orange but I'm with you on the black grasses, not my cup of tea to be honest. But I'm sure someone will be along who loves them - and that's good! Blue and yellow sounds lovely.

14 Jun, 2010


Some of the plug plants I buy from the local market are quite small and often not marked as to the colour. I'ts very often pick and I have some petunias growing in a container which are purple and I stuck a bright red geranium on top. Imagine wearing clothes like but it looks fine in the garden. I quite like a riot of colour and can't say there are any colours I wouldn't choose. I must say though that I do like a red, gold and green theme for my Christmas tree....:o)

15 Jun, 2010


I do try to be colour coordinated but it never seems to work out! My new yellow Dahlia turned out to be pink a couple of years back but it still lives in the supposedly red/yellow border! With trays of bedding it delays planting so long if you have to wait for them to show their colours so I usually just put them in and hope for the best! Then often end up moving them around. Most men seem to be colour blind - My husband thinks the more different colours the better and would apply that to each room in the house if he could. If I do actually manage a coordinated border he will say 'mmm could do with a bit of red/yellow/purple' or whatever isn't there! LOL
I've had a red/gold/green Christmas tree theme forever I think, too late to change now!!

15 Jun, 2010


I don't have any colour schemes. It isn't natural. Wild flowers seed themselves all over the place and nobody worries whether they clash or not. I like my garden to be the same - natural looking. :o)

15 Jun, 2010


Nice to hear about other people's opinions on colour schemes. Very interesting!

16 Jun, 2010


I'm with Hywel, nature doesn't care about clashing colors. I'm not even sure if flowers can clash! That being said, sometimes I see a pic of somebody's very carefully planned, color-coordinated garden & I love it - but I feel the same way about Christmas trees. Mine are all over the place style-wise (especially after the cats have had their fun!) & they might look messy, but I can't do a 'themed' tree, I just can't.
I am also color-phobic and stick to greys, moss green, blues and black indoors. I can tolerate intense color in small interior spaces only, like a kitchen or a bathroom. So outdoors in the garden, or on the front porch, I sort of let things go wild!

17 Jun, 2010


I'm surprised this subject hasn't provoked more comment Jan.....maybe everybody is too busy enjoying the weather outdoors in their colour coordinated (or not) gardens!

17 Jun, 2010


It's strange how some blogs get many comments and others very few.
I think lots of members only look at their favourites while ignoring everyone else.
Jan65 only has one favourite member. If she chose some more they might add her to their list. Then perheps more people would see the blog.

17 Jun, 2010


Lily, that's certainly the case for me .... got 2 days off and am outside all day !!
Except for the last hour when i've been drilled at, at the dentist !!! :-(((

Anyway, colours ..... !
I like to have some areas planned/themed - in that i have 3 waves of colour, one pink, then purple and then white with a bit of yellow .... this is down one side of the front garden.
The middle borders are mixed as are the other 3 borders.
There are colours i don't like though - i don't like red flowers in my own garden and i'm not that keen on certain yellows.
Most of the flowers here are pinks, purples, peach and whites !

17 Jun, 2010


Beautiful weather for gardening isn't it Louise, shame you had to spend some of it in the dreaded dentist's chair :o((
Some members (like yourself Hywel!) seem to get lots of comments whatever their blogs are about so maybe it is a 'favourites' thing. I didn't know you could view other people's favourites. Of my own blogs, the ones I like best are not usually the most popular ones, funny old business isn't it?

17 Jun, 2010


Hi all - I'm just happy whenever anyone replies to my blog, I don't mind how many or how few do! Louise, I like the idea of your colour wave, sounds really good.

18 Jun, 2010


i with hywel i like the wild look a very mixed beds and boders ,and all coulers as well. nature just gets on wth it so shud we lol. go 4 it. any thing goes , as 4 my tree ,quite the reverse last year was multi , year b 4 was pink and black, year b 4 white and silver, lol but then u only look at the tree a cople of weeks then its boring , as hywel says u need a few more favs so get adding hun xx

28 Jun, 2010

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