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More Plantings !!!!


By jacque


Remember The Flower Boarder I Made Bigger So I Could Cover The Ugly Foot Path?

Well Iv Been Adding Plants A Little @ A Time

2 day iv Added Even More Which Iv Split Up From Other Flower Boarders

I Think Its Filling Out Ok!!Not 2Much & Not 2Little :)

Even Left Room For all My Seeds Iv 2 Sow Come Spring Next Year :)

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Hey Jacque..... well done youv'e been working so hard. Bet you can't wait to see it in its full glory next season? Ten out of ten from Headteacher!!!!!
Hope all is well.
Love from us both.
By the way---We are lovely and snug now with our new central heating system!

19 Nov, 2008


Hi Grenville/Alan Glad uv got the Heating Sorted id hate4u Gentlemen2 Be Cold :/ Your so rite about me being keen for Spring&Summer 09 to get here:) My Gardens Changed so Much & thats Thanx 2 GOY Members with all the Photos Of Gardens it Inspired Me :) Iv Now 6 Buddejas Planted about In Wildlife Area & i had None when i moved here 20 months ago ! Iv been Planting MORE DAFF BULBS in the Long Grass Area2day 2! So Lots Of Colour Come Spring :) Hope every1s well Headteacher :)XXXXX

19 Nov, 2008


What a change! Well done - you must be tired out now. I think you have earned a cup of tea or even something stronger!

19 Nov, 2008


Gold stars from this Headteacher, Jacque. You are making such a difference in your garden. I see good changes every time you post a photo! :-)

No wonder you can't wait to see it 'in colour' next year!

19 Nov, 2008


good work jacque, it looks great.

19 Nov, 2008


Oh Jacque nice to have a bit of sun to acheive so much in .
Great work 12 out of 10 from the maths dunce!

19 Nov, 2008


It's not you bad on maths, BB - it was me!
That's why I am awarding gold stars in case I give Jacque 100 out of 10! LOL.

19 Nov, 2008


Thanx for all the Comments ,I didnt dig this all out2day Gee/Bonkers , iv only Planted more Plants in it as its been 2wet2 get out &Finish it off :) It all started in a Blog called " The Long Straight Ugly Garden Path " If ud like 2 read it itl show where this Story starts :)

19 Nov, 2008


Looking good Jacque .....

19 Nov, 2008


youve been busy Jacque, its looking good. That will look amazing next spring/summer... Lots of colour

19 Nov, 2008


Jacque you have worked so hard on your garden , and all with wrists that were so painfull ..... you are a real credit to it ,..... how are they now by the way ? I do hope they are feeling better :0)

19 Nov, 2008


I Do Little By Little Amy &take breaks in between what ever i do :) Plus im taking Water Tension Tabs which do help alot with my Hand/Wrist Problem ,Thanx 4asking im glad u like what iv been doing2my garden :)

19 Nov, 2008


its looking good Jacque.

19 Nov, 2008


Thanx Sandra :) All the Lovely Comments mean so much 2me it makes all the Hard Work Worth it when people can Notice the Difference iv made XXX

19 Nov, 2008


Well done Jacque. You've done such a good job - can I get you to pop over and help me dig a border in the back????? LOL.

20 Nov, 2008


It's going to look great next yr Jacque. I was showing my friend Beryl some GOY photos this morning and when she saw the one of your new flower bed she said ' Oh that's nice ! '

20 Nov, 2008


AAAAAAAAawwww Bless u Hywel :)Plez Tell Beryl thanx for her Kind Remark :) X

20 Nov, 2008


I like much of what you have, Getting rid of the strait lines was a must. I would like to know what you have put in that circle of yours? From a long distance edit, the pedestal, sun/dial pehaps, remains in that strait line view from what I assume might be your house. Have you considered offsetting it a bit to the right?

My friend Jim did something similar, a hole within a circle on a patio. I nudged it to the side to make it less centered. In your case the sundial? is an exclamation point. The garden eye tend to stop at such placements. Is that where you want the eye to rest?

Trust me, I am so guilty of that myself -- but I am still learning and at near 58, it is about time!. NOV 30. Sagg. that I be.

I would love to hear about your plant choices!
I will visit your Long Straight Ugly Garden Path .What you have done so far is so GOOD. Bad Feng Shui ... the other.

Sorta like me building a brick barbecue next to the pond element. :-)

29 Nov, 2008


Hi Skyline glad uv taken much interest in this Boader &my hard work which i 2 think looks much better :) The Bird Bath will become a focial Point from an Arch which has`nt been ereceted as yet :)Whe looked @from other areas of the Garden its not centre @all &is off set2aside ! I want the Eye taken away &lead into a Different Area of the Garden as once through the Arch ul be in Cottage /Wildflowers Borader :)

1 Dec, 2008


Photography is a funny thing. First it is the greatest and most critical editor. What your eye overlooks in the garden (the overhead power line that you have come to overlook) is quite different what a photo captures.

Sometimes even of ourselves. :-)

I just came across a box of old photos. They reveal the changes in these gardens I work for. WOW. They also made me remember some I had forgotten.

Mind and memory are fickle things. Photos are a very good thing to have, if you want to remember your garden. Filing them appropriately is equally important.

Jacque, you would be amazed at the mess and uglies of some of my beginnings. People should cherish those to measure their accomplishments after. .

2 Dec, 2008

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