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what a horrible day it is here today, strong winds and rain. no gardening done today except watering the seedlings in my mini greenhouse. feel like im going stir crazy. thank heavens for GOY, least i can flick thru the blogs, questions and photo’s, beats the sunday papers anytime

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Its like that here to-day doing the same myself lol

20 Apr, 2008


i just checked the long range forecast and its meant to be the same for next week, im hoping they have got it wrong. well you have to live in hope dont you lol

20 Apr, 2008


Oh well we will just have to stay on site for the near future lol

20 Apr, 2008


We had mist and murk (see Icklediggas's Blog!) but NO RAIN! Hooray! P.S. I really, really hope the forecast is wrong....It was great getting out into the garden, even if I did have to wear a jacket!

20 Apr, 2008


So much for global warming not so long ago telling us to forget our lawns and plant mediterranean style as temps getting hotter. Water shortages drought etc last time I wore a T shirt in the garden was march last year. Summers wetter winters milder so wetter.Think we should all be planting bog gardens.Even selling hoses at half price here !

20 Apr, 2008

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