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started to dig out my veg patch today, got all the turf up. was going to dig and rake it but got a txt from my daughter asking for a lift home from work. dont they realise how important gardening is lol. guess i can get those batteries for my camera while im picking her up, iffffff i remember.

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Hmmm - I remember that stage, acting as a chauffeur. Now they are in homes of their own, at least we don't have that problem! Does this mean that you have not had RAIN all day as we have down here? I have been SOOO frustrated, two days in a row with no gardening! My addiction needs feeding - and no little boxes today, either. :-(

19 Apr, 2008


Most of our children don't live at home now - but we were woken up at 3am last summer to strange noises. On looking out the bedroom window we saw large candles in the pagoda and a group of youngster playing guitars and drinking beer (our beer!) So even when they've left home, they haven't really! Still, it's great for the garden to be appreciated,

19 Apr, 2008


spritz its been fine here the last few days, apart from very strong winds. no rain, even tho every day it is forecast lol.
lol you know whats worse about that fourseasons? the fact that they didnt even invite you to your own garden party. tpyical so it is lol

19 Apr, 2008


My youngsters, aged 19 and 22, are (still) living at home and enjoy basking in the sun on the lawn and entertaining their friends with barbecues on warm summer nights. From time to time we (and any neighbours passing) anxiously look on while they and their mates practise their circus skills in the back garden, twirling flaming poys and fire-sticks in the run up to a display/event. I haven't been able to persuade them to try weeding or mowing the lawn, but my daughter has been known to water the tubs or sweep the drive and my son will help lug anything heavy, give a hand with shredding, pruning trees and oversee the occasional bonfire.

19 Apr, 2008


circus skills? how cool xela.

19 Apr, 2008


How lovely to be able to have a free show in your own garden! You should get the garden chairs out and charge an entrance fee!

19 Apr, 2008


We are in an odd position in that our front door, and hence postal address, is on one road but our back door and drive is at the end of a cul-de-sac. One of the residents of the cul-de-sac organises an annual summer street party for family and friends of those living there. It takes place in the road at the end of our drive. I have tried for several years now to persuade the youngsters to put on a display for us ..... I think I may succeed if I offer them some form of payment :-)

21 Apr, 2008


Maybe they would do it if you had say a bucket for people to toss coins into, notes too lol, and the money could go to a charity of their choice.

21 Apr, 2008

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