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soooo unfair.


By irish


Having spent yesterday and this morning working to pay the bills, i was so looking forward to spending time out in the garden.
went to the garden centre at lunch time today where i got strawberry plants, some more herbs and a melon plant for my daughter.
ive just heard the weather forcast for the weekend and we are meant to go from 17 degrees down to zero tonight, weekend weather is meant to be cold with frost. doesnt look good for my spending time in the garden, was planning to get the grass cut at the veryyyyy least.

ah well i guess i could get on with planting some more seeds and hope that the folowing weekends weather is better.

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I know ive put the heater on in the Greenhouse tonight dont think it will be off much over the next few days , crazy weather !!!

4 Apr, 2008


I KNOW!!! what's going on with this weather, eh? My work's a bit thin on the ground at the mo, so I spent a lovely (rather backbreaking) day spring cleaning the garden and was actually in a T-shirt and still too warm! And I've just looked up the weather on the internet and for this area it's meant to be going down to freezing tonight - Ugh! I'm about to go out with a torch and fetch in some of hte more tender plants I've got in the greenhouse. I also light a couple of 36 hour candles that burn throughout the night - they should just keep the frost at bay. On sunday night it's meant to be going down to -3 degrees. Oh No!

4 Apr, 2008


minus 3 sid? omg. last few days have been so nice i thought we were clear of frost but doesnt look like it now.

4 Apr, 2008


This weather is very unkind to us and our plants ,just nipped to greenhouse to cover all with fleeces Where do you get 36 hour candles Sarah ?

4 Apr, 2008


Our forecast says 'snow'... I don't do snow. I think I'll hibernate for the weekend. I'll be putting plastic cloches over three precious new plants but the others planted out this week will have to take their chances. :-(

4 Apr, 2008


when i heard minus 3 that was bad enough but SNOW. weather should be picking up by now, well i was hoping it would be.

4 Apr, 2008


Sorry about your troubles... April is the cruelest month! temps are all over the keep the row covers handy...Just heard our revised weather report...tonight zero...tomorrow 11C..tomorrow night zero...Sunday 13C. low of plus 1. guess we may see some flooding afterall.
I haven't anything out so no rushing to cover...the snow has just receeded from my deck! With temps like that the next two days maybe the worst will be gone by Monday!

4 Apr, 2008


Ah thats a shame how dissapointing for you....
This made me check my weather forecast, but it doesnt look to bad outside so far, up of course as little one up and about early. Anyway we have 10deg and sunny intervals, no snow, but 2 deg tonight. I have spent last two days putting in seeds outside, as nice and sunny hear down south.

5 Apr, 2008

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