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What a great website, really friendly helpful people . Got up this morning and couldn’t wait to come on here and have another look around. Thank you to all the people that have given me advice. The picture of Bertie was taken when we were on holiday a couple of years ago, we had been on the beach and were just going to sit outside the pub for a quiet drink, so he was very happy. Well it is pouring down in Wiltshire were i live but the grass looks like green velvet this morning so there is always a silver lining what ever the weather. Have a great day.

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Sounds as if you've caught the bug Homely !
Welcome to GOY : )

3 Jun, 2008


Welcome Homely I do the same always log on just to have a quick look at the photos Only a little while I tell myself and before long I am running late I think we all are addicts here on GOY lol

3 Jun, 2008


SNAP! I tell my husband that I am 'just checking e-mails' and then of course log in to GOY and have a mosey around! Nice to meet you, Homely!

3 Jun, 2008


welcome to GOY sue, you will make loads of friends here aswell as getting loads of good advice and ideas. bad news is b4 long you too will be addicted to the site lol

3 Jun, 2008


I agree Homely,it's a great site.Perfect to catch up on the photos when it's raining outside.

3 Jun, 2008


I agree with them all,once you get on this website you dont wont to get of it, know i have to make sure i've done my jobs in the house, before i come on this site or i dont get anything done, i'm on it now as its been raining most of the night, so i'm just waiting for it to dry up abit then i'll be in my garden. anyway nice to meet you hope you, & hope you enjoy being with us all.

3 Jun, 2008

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