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Those poor battery hens.


By goldie1


I was looking at Donna’s lovely Chicks and the handsome Cockerel..
this morning and it brought to mind the rescue centre ’ Little Hen Rescue’
They work in conjunction with farmers and rescue and re-home as many ex- battery hens as possible in given time limits.
They have managed to rescue 18,939 hens to date, The goal set for the next rescue in August is 1,000 ex-battery hens to be rescued and found new homes.
They keep back those who are ‘Off their legs’ meaning they cannot stand, to bring them back to health………until fit to be re-homed.
People knit and make jackets for them so that they can grub around outside, with out being too cold due to lack of feathers.
My friend has adopted a few of these ‘old girls’ and some are still producing eggs.
When you consider that they have been kept in the dark in a cage only the size of a A3 piece of paper with about 4 to 6 other hens…… realise that rehabilitation take a little while……….So I will have to get busy because my facebook and twitter have to be informed of the next rescue event…its a good way of bringing their plight to the attention of would be rescuers..

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Spread the word Gillie, poor ol' chickens. I hate the way they are kept in cages, I used to keep chickens but no longer able to...Landlord restrictions! I buy my eggs from a neighbour who keeps both ducks and chickens, the eggs are amazing. Yum Yum!

30 Jul, 2009


Actually Margerite they are sent to slaughter at just 18 months old, they look old because of their condition, 18 months is young for a chicken some of whom can live to 10 years old..There are pics and a video on their website showing them wearing thier jackets/pullovers. Glad that you were able to rescue a couple :0) all donations of wool welcome I should think ha ha......

Potty gardener its Goldie not Gillie oooooops ! Lol
good for you not buying intensively farmed birds I think that little hen rescue has this year also taken in some very young Bernard Mathews Turkeys,.in fact they take in most birds barn chickens, ducks, geese etc. And lucky you for being able to get really fresh eggs I hate the ones we get in the shops even the free range, I like them really fresh from hen to table if possible. lol

30 Jul, 2009


Sorry I got your name wrong Goldie! :o)) As we were saying a few days ago on Amy's page...must go to Specsavers!!

I am lucky with the really fresh eggs, and I don't eat meat so no dilemma on sourcing there!

I have some friends who took rescue chickens and the transformation over time is remarkable. Love to see them being natural. I gave some a handful of lettuce and they didn't know what to do, just clucked around it then walked off! Now they rip it up in no time!

30 Jul, 2009


was just joking PG :0) Well I do envy you your fresh eggs so much.
.I just wish I could have had some hens but not enough room here really, plus lots of foxes around.......Nice to see them on the web site though and follow their recovery.

30 Jul, 2009


Theres another GOY member who rescues chickens. The Norfolk shed is her GOY name, she did a blog not so long back on them, its so sad. I did ask my houcing people if we could have some but we arent allowed which is a shame as I would have loved to help.

x x x

30 Jul, 2009


A friend of mine is planning to have some rescue chickens. Her son is building a house on legs for them and a long, enclosed run. I have lots of room in my garden here but have foxes visiting every night so would be really concerned that they wouldn't survive.

30 Jul, 2009


its nice to hear people are getting involved in the fight against factory farming..........:0))

31 Jul, 2009

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