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Now what to do today ?


By goldie1


It’s a beautiful sunny morning here in my small corner of Wales, and the garden is in sore need of attention, so where do I start ? Well in order to do anything with the borders I have to be able to see them ! And the lawns are so out of control they have encroached onto the borders so that strimming and mowing has to be the first thing………..Well I can manage the strimming the mowing will have to wait until next door neighbour has a few spare moments, he doesn’t like gardening and only ever cuts his lawns, plants are not evident in his garden, except for weeds, so it really is good of him to also cut mine.
Now strimming looks easy but I find I spend more time sitting on the steps putting in new strimmer blades than I do actually strimming, [very frustrating]
I did have a heavy duty petrol strimmer once, that disappeared, but that’s another story :o) I could I know get metal blades for the strimmer, if it wasn’t for the fact that son is very unhappy that I’ve even thought of it, Quote: Your not as steady on your feet as you once were Mum and I don’t want to be picking your toes up out of the garden Unquote:…………and other two children are in agreement with that, seems they are now in charge ..When did that happen ?
To be fair they all help when work permits.
I have a balcony which I am giving over to the growing of small amounts of veg.
Yesterday I planted some Carrots [Autumn Kings] in a large pot. Spring onions and Broad beans will be planted today [just in time for the beans]
So instead of sitting at the computer spouting about what I’m going to do, I had better go get into my gardening togs and go and do it !
An Update:
Have come in for lunch now, though I did have a break earlier too…….Its very hot out there, so will wear some sun block this afternoon.
Jilly who Loves to lay on the balcony in the sun is finding it a bit to much too,
and far to hot for her to have walkie’s in the park opposite until later on in the afternoon. She has just got over a big op to remove a tumour, though to be honest she really recovered fast, the vet was amazed as she is 13 years old and she had most of her teeth removed at the same time.

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It's glorious in this bit of Wales aswell :o)) I think it's the same all over the world today lol
I hope you have a great day, and do as your children tell you . I used to tell my mam and dad to be careful etc but they never took any notice lol. I'm the same now - just do as I please :o)

22 May, 2010


Iv'e just typed a message to both of you and went and deleted it! Old age and hot weather don't go well together. I will just say have a good day to you both. Goldie, I hope Jilly is on the mend, she's lovely......

22 May, 2010


Well I cant say a good day Dylandog I have just come in from the garden and don't seem to have made any impression at all !
Add to which my skin is leeking oooops ! sorry leaking [being Welsh has it's downsides too] so I think a nice shower is in order....Bliss !
Jilly is a rescue dog I had her from the dog pound when she was about a year old I have always had dogs and all have lived good long lives, though none were as ruined as she is maybe its because she is not a family pet all the children having long flown the nest.....and Mama has spoilt her more....
Old age and hot weather eh ?
Age is just a state of mind so they say.....Now I wonder who first coined that phrase, some young bright pipsqueak no doubt, who had it all still yet to come. :p)
I hope you had a good day Dylandog, even though its to hot for Tail-Chasing ;o)

22 May, 2010


You will have made progress but you probably just can't see it at the moment. My old dog, Dylan, is trying to find the coolest place in the house to have a lie down, bless him. Oh, by the way, I don't have a tail

22 May, 2010


Glad you had a good day. Your dog is lovely. The garden needs to be donw slowly. I bet others can see your hard work, even if you cant! Been 24 deges here in london

22 May, 2010


It was regestering 27 deg. here in the West Midlands today and much too hot for me to garden, but shouldn`t moan after the awful weather we have had. Glad you managed to get something done, and the main thing is the pleasure you get from the garden and your companan Jilly who looks remarkably well for her age.

22 May, 2010


Thank you for your comments, I suppose its just a question of pacing myself and not doing to much on the one day, also to not jump from one job to another.

I did see on the new's how hot is was in London and the Midlands, so I suppose we are lucky here on the coast. I'm about 15 minutes drive from Cardiff Wales airport which is near a Village called 'Rhoose' .
Jilly is good for her age Stroller and would you believe was pestering me for her usual game of fetch last evening in all that heat.
By the way...........
I told Jilly that Dylandog hasn't got a tail and she said "Woof Woof "
somehow I don't think she believes you :o) ;o)

23 May, 2010


Woof woof back to Jilly.....:o)

23 May, 2010


She's in deep doo doo at the moment :o)

23 May, 2010


Oh dear! What's she been up to? Digging your plants up?....:o)

23 May, 2010


Maybe I should explain in a blog .............. Watch this space

24 May, 2010


I wait with bated breath Goldie.......

24 May, 2010

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