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Jilly's in Deep Doo Doo !


By goldie1


It was a lovely start to the day beautiful sunshine and birds singing, I was going into a craft fair in Cardiff with a friend, it was great, plenty of lovely things to see and buy. We spent about four hours there, then did some shopping on the way home……….
I was pleased that the day before I had cut back, several bushes that lined the front garden steps [ there are fifteen of them } Steps that is.:o( I then weeded and cleaned the paths and apart from the still un-strimmed lawn it was starting to look slightly better there……….
.Now much as I would like to take Jilly to these craft fairs, her insistence on ‘singing’ in the car, a series of howls, yelps and whines, has excluded her from any trips that it is not absolutely necessary for her to go on…
During the week when son and daughter-in -law are working I look after their Labrador Shadow, and DIL comes here on the weekend to walk them both in the park opposite my house. On our return from the Craft Fair my lovely clean paths were covered in large sticks/branches, leaves, bark etc
There could only be two culprits, Jilly and Shadow, who have in the past wanted to bring souvenirs from the park home with them……….DIL is Putty in their Paws, so they got away with it………so instead of that lovely cuppa I was so looking forwards to, I had to go gathering wood strewn around my garden………..if it was small sticks I wouldn’t mind but they drag big branches home with them then proceed to chew em up…………
Partners in Crime they certainly are, The Bonnie and Clyde of the dog world..
She is 13 short and fat, he is 7 tall and slim……..She is his ‘Older Woman’ and he is her ‘Toy Boy’ But as I said to her as the older one she should know better ! So she has been sent to her basket in disgrace, where she proceeded to make her feeling felt…………1 more black mark Jilly for blowing raspberries…!

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Oh dear Goldie! Well at least you had a nice day Is she in the "dog House"?....:o)

24 May, 2010


She most certainly was, then today I was woken at 7 by a series of woofs and yaps as she greeted her partner in crime, Though thankfully DIL walked them before going to work...........
They are now sprawled out after being fed and watered and will only move when nature requires they see to personal needs..........or another walk is in the offing.
A 'dogs life' looks ok to me, even with the odd visit to the 'dog house' ;o)

24 May, 2010


I know the feeling of being woken up early! I have Dylan, 12, and 2 cats and Alfie a 10 week old Rottweiler! My nephew went awol on Friday and I've been stuck on my own with them. Mind you Dylan and the cats are no bother but I had forgotten how demanding puppies can be. I made the mistake of letting him sleep on my bed and he woke me at 5.15 to go "toilet". I've been trying to do some housework now it's a bit cooler and he is into everything, as well as having the odd "accident" around the house.

Poor Dylan thinks I'm shouting at him when I say Bad Boy! and I think the cats are after moving out! I wish Aflie would sprawl out, just for 10 minutes while I get some work done. Still, you can't help but love em eh? He's just dragged the rug out the back, better dash....................

24 May, 2010


Sorry Goldie, I seem to have written an essay! Hope you and Jilly are best friends now....:o)

24 May, 2010


That happens to me all the time too...........better than being withdrawn and morose though isn't it ? :o)

24 May, 2010


Aww what a shame she looks so innocent! it,s a good job we love them.

24 May, 2010


Bless! How can such a cutey be in the dog house? Hmmm???!

24 May, 2010


I don't think they are really in the 'dog house' are they lol. I'm sure they can get away with anything ;o)

24 May, 2010


Love them yes I surely do Mavis............
Hmmm indeed Fluff Looks are deceiving :o)

Well they were yesterday Hywel Lol They rule the roost here usually, Jilly's the boss, Shadow doesn't stand a chance he's ruled with an iron fist, ok so understandable as it is her home, but she does exactly the same in his home too, he's a poor henpecked pooch...........
He's not allowed a ball or a toy to play with until she's bored with it....he can run faster than her obviously so in a game of catch always gets the ball first, but is he allowed to keep it ? Oh No.............
That my girl keep em in their place ! ...............:;o)

24 May, 2010

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