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My garden was really just a field until last week when I put up some fences to divide it and a path from the patio to the garage. The previous owner lived here for 43 years and had some lovely old plants which I successfully moved when having an extention built.

Now I want to create some new interest and especially some climbing plants to screen the houses opposite. I was thinking of clematis and maybe jasmine, but would appreciate any advice/ideas. I would like something that grows quickly. I have a row of Hazel opposite my kitchen but of course the leaves are now falling fast, the rest is just bare fence.

I will get some photographs together (with help from my much younger and computor literate colleague) and hope throughout the year my ‘field’ will be much improved.

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Hello ginellie and welcome to GoY.

Yes, photos will help everyone understand your garden area, but don't feel pressured. Upload the pictures when it is convenient for your colleague to help you ! :o)

One aspect for you to consider is whether you want your climbers to be evergreen, which would obviously give more of a green appearance all year round. Also let us know where the sunshine will be. Which parts face south ? Are some parts in permanent shadow ?

Some climbers like to be on a north-facing fence or wall, whereas others thrive in warm sun on a south-facing aspect.

There are lots of helpful members on GoY, and the more information you can give, such as answering my questions above, the easier it is to provide the right advice.

Your type of soil will be another factor. Can you indicate in which part of the UK you live, because you might be on clay soil, or sandy, etc.

I'm sure, with your enthusiasm, your 'field' will steadily become a beautiful garden.

Welcome to GoY.
Enjoy :o)

9 Nov, 2008


Hallo, Ginelle and welcome from me as well. Yes, TT is right, we do need some more information to be able to give you some suggestions. How big is the area, as well! The first job to do before planting any climbers will be to put up a trellis or battens and wires so that when you plant your new climbers, they can be tied in. Also, of couse, digging the area and preparing the soil.

I mention this because it's a bit too late in the season to plant new climbers (except roses) so you could spend some time planning and preparing in the meantime!

9 Nov, 2008


Hi Ginellie,
Thanks so much for commenting so nicely on my blog. This forum is very friendly and I'm having a great time. Do you know what flowers you will be planting in your garden yet? Have a lovely day, TTYL!
~ Stephanie

23 Mar, 2009


I can't tell you how many new beds and borders I've dug since we moved here D. It's like some people can't stop dying things, or decorating - well I can't stop digging. There won't be any lawn left soon.
I am waiting for some rose bushes at the moment and have also got lots of seeds on the go ready for planting out when it really is warm. We have had a few odd Spring days but today the heating is back on.
I'm sure you will continue to enjoy GoY, lots of happy gardeners here with great advice.

24 Mar, 2009

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