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Today, like some other members, I had a strange email advising me of various unread comments from years ago. I’m so glad I opened it because it meant I got back in touch with GoY and realised how much I had missed in my absence. Great to see how many members from 10 years ago are still blogging and how lovely their gardens are.
Why have I been absent for the past year or so, I really don’t know because I so enjoyed everyone’s news and advice.
It’s not as though I gave up gardening, far from it, I have worked harder over the past two years than ever and my garden has flourished as a result. So why didn’t I post any pictures and blogs? No idea.
I wonder, do members sometimes drop out for a while and then suddenly get involved again? A lot of the names I see have been active for all of the 10 years since I joined but there are also quite a number who are missing.
I have taken photographs of the garden during my absence from Goy and hope I can find some recent ones. The biggest challenge last year was getting the white poplar chopped down and grinding the roots. I bought it from Woolworths just before they closed down and carried it home on the bus. It cost £3.50 which I thought a bargain. Eight years later I paid £350 to have it removed because, beautiful as it was, the roots had spread right across the garden. I should have read the small print!

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Hi, yes some have moved on to other sites. some dip in and out as was always the case. then there are people like me who just look in most days.
Its nice to see how things are going for you and your garden Ginelli. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

19 Jan, 2019


Nice to catch up Ginelli

19 Jan, 2019


Hey Ginelli
I had the same weird email and was sent back to posts from years ago...assumed my account had bin hacked??
I'm still not sure this isn't the case but hey, like you I'm glad I checked back in!!
I stopped posting few years ago when my new fone was no longer capable of uploading fotos...grrrr (no emojies here to express my 'annoyed' face!!)
Shame your Woolworth's 'bargain' turned out to be such a huge expense long term..but we live and learn..and it was a joy to you for the time you had it yes??!!
I'm glad I got back in too

19 Jan, 2019


I have also seen that e-mail. Strange!

I haven't posted any blogs for a while as I have a new PC with Windows 10. My old one was still working and I at times wish I had left well alone. Windows 7 was so easy and I had everything "under control" on that PC. Now I don't have the software to download photos and edit them.

I also have an iMac as I wanted to learn to use a different system but I haven't sussed out how to import photos and find them again on that machine either!

I think I will get another monitor and set up my old Windows 7 PC again even if I only use it to access photos.

I remember buying a tree Peony from Woolworth's a very long time ago. It cost 2/6 and my family had a good laugh when they saw the little "stick" inside. It looked nothing like the illustration. I planted it and a while later had a beautiful plant with greenish flowers. Little green spiders used to live in the flowers, I recall. I certainly had my money's worth!

Your garden certainly looks lovely and welcoming.

20 Jan, 2019


Took the words out of my mouth Eirlys - a lovely garden indeed, very peaceful looking.

20 Jan, 2019


Good to hear from you Ginelli, and your garden is looking lovely:)

21 Jan, 2019


We met at Ambrose Place gardens a couple of years ago ... good to see you back and your garden looks wonderful.

21 Jan, 2019


Nice to see you again and to know you've been enjoying your garden.
Some people do drop out from time to time, I do it myself but always return after a few weeks.

21 Jan, 2019


So lovely to hear from you all, some old friends and some new. It seems that rather strange email got some of us thinking about checking into Goy again - I'm really glad I did.
I was back at Ambrose Place gardens again last year Shirley, very hot in the plant sales area but I think we raised over £400 in that little section. Might see you this year?
I had some success with new fuchsias last year Hywel and my lovely Hawkshead did really well. I have a very long way to go before coming close to your collection though.
This year I really want to try and grow dahlias, just because they look beautiful and it's something I have never done and have no idea how to go about it. Any advice will be very welcome.
Lots of time to devote to the garden now as sadly lost my little Charlie dog - in one of the pics - early in December. He was a foster dog but was here for over three years and a little star. Loved his garden and was a great help with keeping squirrels off the bulbs.
I look forward to reading all new blogs and questions now that I have found Goy again.

21 Jan, 2019


Hello Ginelle... Snap.... I'm also going to try dahlias this year... Last year was the first attempt and surprisingly successful... If you need any advice on cuttings and planting, Sarah Raven has a good website. There is a charming gentleman on YouTube whom Monty Don referred to Jeff Howl from Cheshire (The small garden channel) ..he has a few videos on dahlia management.

22 Jan, 2019


I love the way you have your garden, it looks so inviting and pretty.

I don't think I had joined when you were on here last but I quite understand that sometimes we need to take a break and then we returned refreshed, enthusiastic and raring to go!!!

22 Jan, 2019


Well done on raising a good amount from the plant sales! No idea which NGS gardens we'll be visiting this year ... :o)

22 Jan, 2019


I have bought a packet of Dahlia seeds Ginellie. I've grown them in the past because I never get much success with the tubers.

23 Jan, 2019


Just ,like you I received a similar email so I have been working on a blog for GoY but still not finished. As you say it was a good reminder of what we have been missing. I have popped on from time to time to see what others have been doing. So, a belated Happy New Year to everyone and I will be back soon.

26 Jan, 2019


I’m beginningto wonder whether admin sent that email to get people back! If thats the case, I’m glad it worked. Ginellie, your garden is lovely. I can’t believe I’ve never caught up with you before now! I love the island bed in the lawn...or is it unmowed meadow? I might try to do something similar as it looks so pretty, and I have a small area of lawn that we don’t use much and I’d like to make it more interesting. Thanks for sharing these photos with us, and welcome back!

30 Jan, 2019


Hi Ginelli, As a relative newbie (joined 2014) with a small garden I've recently found it a struggle to post new plants of interest, then getting an allotment took most of my time, but I still popped in to tick members' like box. That's my excuse! Your garden looks lovely, you've obviously put a lot of time into it.

6 Feb, 2019


I had forgotten to look in the My News bit after log in -so I've only just seen further comments - sorry.
I did wonder about dahlia seeds Hywel but thought the tubers sounded easier, maybe not. I hope they are a success as I've just collected an order from Wilko.
Thanks for the Sarah Raven suggestion, Meadowland, and also the YouTube video, I shall look at both.
I was wondering the same myself Cottagek - but I'm rather pleased I got the email. I am forever digging up bits of lawn to make yet another bed. Not sure why because it just means more edges to trim and I find that quite hard work. I do like to have a lot of wild flowers growing though and also less mowing to do.
Thank you Siris, I spend hours out there. It's not something I would have taken on had I not been just about to retire. I've made so many mistakes along the way - last year's was to plant Jerusalem artichokes. They just took over one area and I am still digging them up. I love the taste but there is no more room in the freezer for them. I'll try something else this year.

7 Feb, 2019

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