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Thanks Terratoonie and Spritzhenry for your advice. My garden faces South West and there is very little shade. It is about 100’ wide by 80’ deep but I have now divided it so there is a fenced and trelissed area in front of the house.
I made two beds by the treliss and today dug a circular bed – then lay in the bath for about an hour! The soil is quite heavy clay in some areas and I keep uncovering old tree roots. Although I inherited some lovely old plants I am quite excited by the idea of having a clean canvass to work on in the new beds, and am buying endless gardening books at Car Boot Sales and charity shops. However, advice from experienced gardeners can’t be beaten and I am so delighted that I discovered (quite by chance) Grows on You.I shall retire from work in December and will then be able to devote all my time to my garden.Ironing, cooking, cleaning – I don’t think so!

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Ginellie ~
Gardening forever,
housework whenever.
You can buy signs which have those words. :o)

Nice to have a blank canvas to start your project. Sounds like you were working hard today. Deserved your hot bath !

Roses like clay. I reckon now you've provided this extra information you'll get lots of advice from GoY members.

Anyone reading this ~ please see Ginellie's previous blog for futher information. Thanks.

9 Nov, 2008


I'd work on the clay areas to improve the soil - clay is so hard to work with, otherwise. Dig it over now and leave it over the winter for the frost to work on it, then in the spring, dig in lots of well-rotted manure, organic material and some horticultural grit as well. Then, whenever you plant anything, make the hole bigger than normal and back-fill with compost. This will pay dividends in the future!

It sounds very exciting, Ginellie. What is there that you want to keep?

Ask away if there's anything we can help with - that's what GOY is good at! There's always someone who comes up with an answer for you.

I'm retired, and my garden DEFINITELY comes ahead of housework! Ironing? What's that?

BTW, a large section of my garden faces SW too. It's a good direction!

9 Nov, 2008


Hi Ginellie, Sorry I missed your blogs. Terratoonie told me about them.
I had a blank canvas when I moved here like you. It's great being able to start from scratch and make it all your own.
It will be interesting to see how your garden developes.
All the best, Hywel.

16 Nov, 2008


It sounds great having that large a space with so much potential. It's my dream to take on a garden like that some time. I had to laugh at the comment about housework - my garden gets so much more time and attention than the house!

18 Dec, 2008


That's the way Elleme :o)
~ Gardening forever ~
~ Housework whenever ~ :o)

18 Dec, 2008


ginelle, daylilys love clay and I dont blame you for not doing house work that can wait for the bad weather, us gardeners have to have priorities

3 Jul, 2009


Hi Pondlady. Don't know anything about daylilys but if they love clay I will certainly try growing them. Thanks for the advice.

3 Jul, 2009

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