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No…not Goy members but the feathered variety…while we were on the subject of the whistling blackbird we listened to a bird song cd that came free with a newspaper (it did,honest…I didn’t buy it!).
This was to listen to the blackbird’s usual song & see if ‘I was Kaiser Bill’s batman’ actually was part of the bird’s repertoire…but to get to the point…Mr Fluff said ’You’ll never guess what this one is’ & played the cuckoo (he’s funny eh? :/ ) & I remembered that we hadn’t heard one cuckoo this year…not one.
That’s so unusual for this area, as a child growing up here the cuckoo turned up without fail on the 22nd April every year. He did exactly what he said in the rhyme & changed his tune in June etc etc.
Has anyone else missed this controversial feathered friend? Did he come to your patch? I know they don’t behave in the best interests of anyone but themselves but they have always been part of the spring in Great Britain.

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hi fluff i also got that cd hubby works delivering papers and landed in one morn with it.i must admit i enjoyed listening to itBut i think i over stepped the mark with has disappeared (i no hubbys guilty)every time i mention it he has a real innocent face on Lol and i haven`t heard a cuckoo yet very strange.i always loved to hear them!!!

5 Jul, 2009


We have heard cockoo's when on holiday in Scotland but sadly we have never heard one in Manchester, but we do have a lot of very choral blackbirds, I remember someone's car alarm once had a fault and kept going off, they got it fixed but for a while after the birds were mimicking it and the people kept coming out to switch the alarm off, that was hilarious.

5 Jul, 2009


Haven,t heard any cuckoos in these parts for years..........

5 Jul, 2009


I haven't heard a cuckoo in years either.....but then again we don't have them over here.....LOL.

6 Jul, 2009


I have heard cuckoos this year after 2 yrs of not hearing them :o) I wonder why ?

6 Jul, 2009


I've heard them aswell.

6 Jul, 2009


Thanks for all your comments...I heard somewhere that the cuckoos are being affected by climate change...arn't we all!...& an increase in predators like hawks etc nobbling them on their journey over here for the spring. I don't suppose cuckoos ever venture into big cities like Manchester much do they? Anyway, that's it for this year...they fly back in july!

6 Jul, 2009


You might be interested to know that the RSPB website has some birdsong recordings:

When I first moved in here I heard strange noises from the woods that I thought were maybe jays. Turned out to be the noise grey squirrels make when they're scolding the local cats.

9 Jul, 2009

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