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Our Compost Heap


By eirlys


We have quite a large compost heap hidden in a section of the back garden.I throw on it all sorts of fruit and vegetable peelings, usually from a safe distance as I know snakes often lay their eggs in compost heaps and it’s a lovely warm incubator.

Today, however, we had a good look at the heap as it really is getting a bit big and, to our surprise, found half of it covered in tomato plants with one or two other “unknown” plants, possible courgette, avocado.

I have persuaded my OH to leave the plants alone to see what happens! He says the end results won’t come to much. Do you agree with him?

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Probably much too late in the season unfortunately. Have you got a squash on there as well?

31 Jul, 2017


So the seeds from the tomatoes, did them come from clearing out a greenhouse or were they ones that you didn't eat? There's an awful lot you mush have thrown out. You could always pot a few and put somewhere warm you may then at least end up with some green tomatoes for chutney.

1 Aug, 2017


OH disturbed the Heap when he wanted some compost. (Great stuff!)

We do eat our 5 a day vegetable quota but don't grow any......well not till now. :-)

1 Aug, 2017


I think it will be too late for the toms as they are only small, I have lots that are amongst my green beans, mine will be from the compost, as I grow toms in the greenhouses I just pull them out, however with our very weird seasons if you don't need to clear the compost at the moment then leave alone and see what happens, there is something else in amongst them, be interesting to see how it progresses, also what it is, I believe courgettes and squashes grow well on compost heaps..Funny you should post this today, I've spent the last couple of hours emptying my hot bin and spreading it in one of the beds, the birds are going to have a field day later.....

1 Aug, 2017


I am one to give everything a chance, so I would take the plants off the heap and plant them somewhere else so you can take from the heap without disturbing them then.

Lincslass, you have a hotbin! I have tried to do a home version of one but it's not very hot, so I put some worms in :D I'm hoping to be able to use some of the compost from the first box soon. I only have one empty one left. (I bought coolboxes as the most affordable thing I could use)

Depending what part of the country you are in, you might still get a crop. Here in East Anglia I have picked ripe tomatoes in October, and picked ripe raspberries on Boxing Day, and all outside, not under any sort of cover.

1 Aug, 2017


My Bramblings come in from the bottom Pam, I actually felt quite sorry for them as I was turfing it all out, I know it sounds soft but I did scoop as many up as I could and threw them back into the empty bin and the ones that ended up on the garden I'm hoping will have burrowed down before the birds actually spot them.....My tomato's lasted well into autumn the last few years, It was a mad scramble putting my staging back up for my over wintering needs, no tellings whats going to happen this year, autumn rearing its head with many plants already flowering and some of my shrubs have yellowing leaves, cannot possibly be caused by our promised heat wave as It never turned up...

1 Aug, 2017


You didn't have a heatwave? We're on our second one, although we've had thunderstorms alongside. Much too hot for me, but glorious beach weather when I get the chance to be there.

1 Aug, 2017


Pity it wasn't earlier. You could have transplanted some to a greenhouse. I hope you get some tomatoes though :)

2 Aug, 2017


They're being left and we'll see what happens.

PamelaAnne: I've only shown half of the Heap! We pick Alpine Strawberries Christmas time. Planted some years ago for the children and the birds have spread them around our garden and the neighbours! They even seed in the gravel!

Hywel, there's nothing like a home-grown tomato. Doubt we'll get any from those plants, but who knows! No room in the greenhouses: full of fuchsias and other plants! Nothing to eat!!!

LincsLass: Courgettes and marrows are grown on compost heaps I've been told so there's a possibility the unknown (!) plants will flourish. If they do I'll certainly post the images on here! :O)

4 Aug, 2017


Oh yes, will wait and see, I d love to be successful at squashes as my oldest daughter loves them but never have been able to.....

4 Aug, 2017


How lovely you have the alpine strawberries :)

10 Aug, 2017

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