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Our Willow and the Storm.


By eirlys


Once upon a time a forester friend gave us a willow cutting. Over the years it grew into a magnificent weeping willow whose branches swept over our drive and our neighbour’s.

Whenever we offered to have “her” branches trimmed our neighbour would beg us not to : she liked the sensation of driving through the leaves!!

This morning we found the tree on the ground covering the drives of two of our neighbours!

We were lucky to have the problem dealt with very quickly but saddened to see what was left of our old friend.

There is now a gap in the skyline and in our hearts.

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In the second image you can just see our neighbour viewing her blocked drive!

28 Oct, 2013


Oh dear, the only thing to say is thank goodness it didn't cause damage to life or property eirlys, I sat watching ours dancing in the wind yesterday, its doing it again today but the wind is not as strong, its perhaps too early to ask but will you remove the trunk, I ask because just down the road from us is one even bigger than ours, it was completely lopped a few years back but is now back bigger than ever, it began to sprout within a few months.....

28 Oct, 2013


Such a shame to lose a magnificent tree like that .......

28 Oct, 2013


How awful for you. We lost a fir tree two years ago in the storm. I often look out the window at the space it has left. When they are mature they take so long to replace don't they?

28 Oct, 2013


How sad to lose such a lovely tree

28 Oct, 2013


What a shame. I know you've lost all those years of growth but you could take cuttings like your Forester friend did, I would, they root easily :)

28 Oct, 2013


Take heart from Linclass' info. If your neighbours agree you could give it a reprieve to see if it will regrow. If I was your neighbour I'm not sure I could cope with even more dire consequences if it happened a second time. Thank goodness there was no casualties.

28 Oct, 2013


(For various reasons I have been off line for some time.)

There is a postscript to this Willow story!

The young man who came to trim the remaining trunk cut the whole thing down! Unbelievable!

The two neighbours have had BARROWLOADS of logs for their wood-burning stoves.

I don't think we will be around in another 50 years to see the tree as it was. :O(

7 Jan, 2014

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