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Say cheese!


By dungy


And a very good morning to you and your pets,
I get a smashing welcome every morning from four little pets who once must have hated every day when they we’re all ill treated,
But when i open the stable door and they all pile out it’s worth a million pounds to know tomorrow will be a repeat of todays welcome,

Weather here has started off nice and it’s forcast sun later
so thats something to look forward to,

Im hoping for a full “stay at home” gardening day today
Ive no plans to be going outside the gates (except for walkies with these 16 paws bearing mutts)

I was thinking about how gardening has changed and some of the kit we now use,

like cameras, and mobile phones to take pictures of our garden’s,

It’s a bit like people always want the quick way out,

I mean taking a picture now and sending it to somone is via the inter-net and all done in minutes,

When did you get down to writing a letter to your family or friends with pen & paper, and then going to the post box to post it?

Whats happend to people who cant string a few words together to say “hello”, ?
Everyone seems to be walking around with a mobile glued to their ear’s pretending to have some fantastic chat!
But we all know half of these people we see in the rush hour trip to work along the pavement phone stuck in ear are not really talking to anyone, they didnt learn how to communicate and so the moble is like a stick the person who cant stand up on his own two feet needs, (a mobile crutch)

Ive seen people pretentending to have these wonderful chats and then when the very phone they’re using starts to ring in mid chat & laughter !!!!!
They feel the fool they are looking. " Sad but oh so true.

This has all come about due to me being in my workshop yesterday and having a coffee with my friend john, as we sat near the desk ive got in the workshop i opened a deep drawer and there i found my camera case with a camera i bought years ago along with verious lens etc,
It made me think of using it again to keep a record of todays life as we know it " a record before things change never to be the same again.

The inter-net cameras are all well and fine and are proberly better than a lot of home camera shots, but ive the camera and im thinking of using it again to capture some of todays scenes, not just the garden but the dogs and “she who must be obeyed”,

I think the shots when your subject isnt expecting it are the best ones?

Yes these days gardening has taken on a complete knew meaning when it comes to how we do things and the quicker ways of doing them,

Pity weeding has’nt come along these lines “but” we must’nt kill the gardening efforts by inventing the perfect looking garden at the turn of a switch or the drop of some chemicle and all turns out perfect
“it just wouldnt be gardening”

And with that note i’ll say have a better day than you did yesterday,
Get the old camera out and see who you can surprise by just pointing it (no film inside) at them and say “CHEESE” i bet they smile.

Have a nice day in your garden.
Refards Dungy

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Come on then get that camera going and show us some of your garden.

27 Jun, 2013


I dont have the magic telephone. Treasure all my albums of prints showing my many cycle touring holidays in Scotland, France, Italy, Austria, and Spain. Tresco Abbey
Gardens, took my camping kit in a shopping trolley and rucksack, went by train to Penzance and over on the ferry.
There are only 2 single b/bs on the Scilly Isles, so I camped up on St.Marys campsite - where all the schools go in August. I knew I would never be able to do it again, and now I cant even walk far, they are my treasure.

27 Jun, 2013


Hi everybody and again thanks for your replies,

Diane thats was a great thing you did for your holidays and i really do take my hat off to anyone who's got the get up and go to do such things,

I'll be watching crime watch for any rewards ref trolley thefts,
be good (well done)

27 Jun, 2013


Have to confess, Dungy, I love the Internet. It keeps me in touch with family members. I even sneak a look at the Facebook pages, just to catch up on latest happenings, of course.

I'm not very good with my mobile phone and use it only when I have to. It's very basic as I don't really understand it.

Where PC's are concerned I'm not afraid of them or of my new tablets, a Kindle Fire and a Nexus 7. They'll be great when we go on holiday.

Like you, I love candid shots. I took lots at my niece's wedding and she preferred my images to the formal ones : said they captured the spirit of the occasion!! :O)

27 Jun, 2013


Many thanks again for both reading and replying to the blog,

Im like you ref mobile phones and in fact just pre retirement i went through a stage (because of running my own company) i just couldnt relax due to phones ringing night and aday , in the car in the office in the house and then of cause the "mobile"
It really was doing me no favours in life,

I remember one time at 8am in chester outside of MARKS & SPENCERS store,
We had a contract with them and 7 days a week we we're there and always around this time would be finishing and getting ready to leave,

When your in a place "same time every day you tend to see a lot of the same faces and tend to smile or say good morning etc,

Now just where my lads waited for our van to collect them there was a bus stop and again a lot of the people
(mainly ladies) would be the same ones every day waiting for the bus to arrive,

well this day this big lad was walking along the pavement "Mobile welded to his ear" and shouting so all the world could hear and it went like this,

"Yes" £25000 is what ive said and £25000 is final do you hear,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Just then"
his welded to the ear mobile started to ring,

He didnt know where to look or what to do,

Everyone in the bus stop started to smile or laugh at chesters answer to Bill gates,

Inspite of this bloke walking passed that bus stop every day for months we never saw him again after that day,

"but one of my lads made a huge carbourd cut-out mobile phone and walked passed the bus stop taking the mick out of that lads "so called bid" that went like this,

Hello "Yes mum i did pull the chain, and ive got my lolli-pop for my break,

Old memouries of modern times.
Habe a nice folks.

28 Jun, 2013

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