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It feels like june "at last".


By dungy


Greetings fly sprayers,
Well i was up really early this morning “i just didnt sleep well at all last night”
The dawn chorus was nice to hear as i got out of the shower (Bathroom window wide open)
and before long it was a coffee time and then “walkies”,

The boy’s didnt seem to want a walkies but they got one anyway and then it’s home for the morning at least,

It’s been a really sunny day and now its turning out to be a nice evening,
The one thing i really dislike about hot weather is it brings the fly population out, and some of them attack your face,
they really are a complete pest.
I have a feeding plan for all the troughs & baskets etc and its every other day,
So this morning all had a weak tomato feed,
the gardens really looking nice now, rose’s out and the arbour is covered with them,

Ive got the car out and this afternoon i’ was dressed to kill, ie suit on and a tie, i took john to see the doctor,

I always feel you should dress nice and smart when your visiting places such as hospitals/doctors,
But when i got there i was a little amazed the way some people turn up,
But its a choice everyone has to make and i felt clean and tidy.

Do you think you should be dressed up to see your doctor?

As a small child i lived with my gran and she would say
“make sure you’ve clean underwear on you never know when your going to get run over by a bus”.

Could you imagine laying under a bus fighting for life and the ambulance staff saying “well thats a clean pair he’s got on”.

Well my outdoor toms seem to be growing well and plenty of flowers and a few small toms showing.

The curly and coss lettuce are growing well and we’ve eated a few this week, the “Pumkins” are really growing and all have the yellow flowers on them,
all in all the gardens looking good but the grass is growing like mad, no sooner its cut and its well on it’s way for the next cut.

Well remember "clean under wear is the order for today you never know when a bus wont see you.

Be good and enjoy your gardening “ding ding”

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Oh that made me chuckle my mum used to say that you should always put clean underwear on before leaving home, lol, and yes doctors,dentists, open evenings at schools always have to make a good impression and you can't do that if dressed like a greb, I even wash my hair before going to the hairdresser even though I always have a shampoo, cut and blowdry, old habits die hard, now my gardening and decorating gear is completely different, lol...
My husband is terrible and will not even pop to the supermarket in his works clothes, he'll drive by the place and come home to get changed first, the thing is he's not a suit and tie sort of bloke so his works clothes and casual attire do not even look different but as he always says " I know" !!!!!!!
Had another lovely day here as well Dungy, all things coming on well, I'm hoping it stays around for a while as going on hols on Friday to Cornwall...

26 Jun, 2013


No I don't dress up. Just make sure I'm clean and tidy. After all nobody else cares whether I'm smart or not do they?
And don't we all have clean underwear every day anyway these days?

26 Jun, 2013


Steragram that made me laugh :))

27 Jun, 2013


Hurray, we all need a giggle a day.

27 Jun, 2013

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