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A smashing day had by us.


By dungy


Evening garden lovers,
Well ive had a full day in the garden and ive not seen another human being except “she who must be obeyed”
all day,
The cars not been outdoors and the weathers been really nice,
Ive planted 30 pepper plants out into the garden and gone really mad and planted lots of tomato plants in with the flower’s in the verious bedding area’s mixed with the flowers & roses,
they’ve been in the greenhouse for far to long thanks to this odd spring & summer so i thought to hell with it they’re getting planted outside now.

Just the growing in the ground will do both the ground good and with a bit of luck i’ll have a glut of toms for chutney making & soups.

It’s been a really nice relaxed gardening sort of day
One of those days we’re you dont really know when to stop
it was 9-30pm before i put the tools away and we had a late dinner,

It’s days like these when im really pleased i dont have to think about work anymore,
I even got excited just pulling those weeds that when out of the ground leave so much space, the shrubs seem to feel that extra space around them and after clipping the box hedge in front of the patio it all looked so nice i was pleased i did it.

Tomorrow’s forcast another nice day ’dry but a little warmer than today So ive another days gardening already planned.

Well im feeling stiff and in need of a shower before bed and a little read until the book page makes no sense & its then time for lights out,
No need to set the alarm as the dawn chorus will wake me up.
So i hope you all had a nice day in your gardens and a better one tomorrow

Good gardening to you all.

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i like the dawn chorus :) the birds busy enjoying their work on a sunny day :) no doubt as we all will be.

sounds like you had a fullfilling day today the both of you :) enjoy tomorrow too.

the chutney will be wonderful iam sure.

from jane!!!

25 Jun, 2013


Yes I have to agree days like that are the best Dungy, I can remember when my kids were little I used to be out in the back garden until it was too dark to see what I was doing so move into the front and carry on by streetlight, often still only in a suntop and shorts, these days it turns cold as soon as the sun goes down so one needs a jacket, I don't like gardening in a jacket so often don't go back out after dinner except if I have to do the watering, where have all those lovely balmy nights gone to, where every other garden had laughter and conversations coming from people having a drink on their patio's cos it was too nice to go indoors.......

25 Jun, 2013


Hi you two, Jane & Lincslass,
Nice to read your replies,
Well at the minute the sun's coming up a slight mist on the lawnn and the birds have settled down from singing their little hearts out,
I remember the allotment days "Sat morning" was when i'd try to get down there about 7am, (one of the first to arrive) and by about 9am the place was alive with all the usual gang,
You'd hear laughter and tools being got out of the sheds ready for work,
People saying they'd kill those bloody rabbits if they could catch them, and someone else saying thats slug damage no rabbit's "
Well i 'll kill those bloody slugs if i catch them and then the replie's
"Like their faster than you, you'd never keep up with them,!!!

As you say a simple honest life and not a sign of a "Mobile" welded to someones ear,"

People from all walks of life just enjoying one or maybe two things in common, "each other and the love of gardening in their own styles.

When i see people today "like a friend of mine has decided to go back to the uk and the house has a forsale sign outside on the fence"

I cant help but think its sad to see them going after all the effort & dream's gone to waste,
But returning to a place they could wait to get away from in the first place, (it wont be the place as they left)
But life goes on and if your lucky enough to enjoy where you live and have a interest, a hobby, then all well and good,
so its walkies time followed by the poop patrol and another day in the garden.

26 Jun, 2013


Sounds lovely....have another nice day in the garden today.I'm off to spend time in others' gardens now but, alas, no sunshine here this morning. but, on TV the reporter has been at Wimbledon where the sun is shining and that's only 20 odd miles west of here, so, fingers crossed!!

26 Jun, 2013


agree sounds nice :) its so overcast here :( sadly. prehaps pop down village shop soon.

Not quite sure what to do with my day yet do have to be about the house afternoon time as have work men about then.

enjoy gardening.

from jane.

26 Jun, 2013

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