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romantic mist


By dungy


Hi spade users and hoe hoe hoe user’s.
Well today’s weather has been that romantic mist you see in those old black and white films we’re the star is holding his jacket closed and the woman is looking into his eyes as he say’s " I love you" and then the “END” appears,
(some poor film set worker has to be holding a hose pipe set on mist and not to be seen to get those effects.

Well todays been just like that here " a very fine misty rain most of the day but you couldnt see a hose pipe in sight"
Ive not wasted the day as i did plant some hardy geraniums last spring and they got through the winter and really have spread into big sprays and so i removed a box i had near them and put it into a large clay tub,

The geraniums will appear every year so the box is now sitting on the drive looking very regal in a dome shape.

I was reading a garden design book today and thinking about the amount of people who come on this forum asking how to do this and that ref gardening on the cheap,
And in this day and age its very understandable why this question is asked when money is so tight,
With this in mind i thought i’d pass on the following,
The use of used tyre’s to make deviding walls on allotments or even your home gardens,
The garage industry has had a problem for a long time trying to get rid of used tyre’s “infact they pay” firms to take them away,
So they’re there for the asking and by filling the tyre centre with anything from rubble to soil infact anything to help them become a firm steady wall will do the trick,

Because they are made of rubber they wont rot, the weather wont do them any harm and to build a wall using old tyre’s is a form of re-cycling but the thing is its a cheap way to have a wall made that will last.

You could use the same idea to make raised beds or a cold frame.

Well its been a wet day and the good side is ive no need to water the garden today,
By having the gutter’s on the greenhouse and shed’s directed into the water butts they’re all getting filled for free,
so I’ll say good night now and hope your enjoying your garden the same as i enjoy mine.
Regards Dungy.

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That's funny, Dungy. I was only thinking last night about using old tyres as planters but wasn't sure what I'd have to pay for them. If they're being given away that sounds good to me. I'm not sure I understand how to use them as cold frames? That's another thing I've been wanting for a while now. Thanks for the info. Which part of France do you live in, by the way?

28 Jun, 2013


Hello tuesdaybear,
pleased you liked the idea ref tyre's,
to make the cold frame or the rainsed bed,
Just put each tyre next to each other until you've made your size & shape and then fill all the tyre's so you've a firm structure,

Now two ways to fixing the lid, (a) fix a frame to the top by bolting the frame to the top of the structure "tyre's can be drilled and because of the shape of each tyre you'll have a slight over hang , so the frame will rest on this overhang and take the weight of the completed frame & glass,
once the frame is bolted to the tyre wall's you then secure the glass opening section and there you have you own tyre made cold frame,

(b) You can again make the cold frame in a way we're you'd have post inside the tyre's and secure the completed made frame so it sits on the post and is then secured to the post via screws,
the idea here being that the lid sits on its own securing post and then becomes self fitting (a bit like the way a window frame is fitted into the brickwork of a house,)
(c) The raised beds are the same ie make your shape with the tyre's and just have individual sections of light wooden frame's covered with chicken wire that are held in place via wooden post inside the tyre wall's,
the idea here is that you have the post just high of the wall so the frame section is lifted over and off the post and the frames weight keeps it from blowing off,
these wire lids are very light and with a little thought as to height above what your growing will stop rabbits/deer etc from getting to your crops,
But can be lifted off so you can do what ever you feel you need to do without any obstruction in the way.

I live in dept 23 limousin area of france, very much deep in the country, no industry except farming and the odd monumental mason's type workshops,
The air is very clean because we dont have factories or the like,
Well i hope this little lots given you some idea's ref tyre's and what you can do with them?;

29 Jun, 2013


I fancied the idea of using tyres to grow potatoes in, adding a second tyre 'level' as the potatoes needed earthing up, but tyres are heavy so I decided to use empty, plastic 'briquette' bags instead, unrolling the sides as I need more depth.
I think tyres make great planters for garages/race-tracks or in the gardens of car fanatics but elsewhere they look a bit out of place.

29 Jun, 2013


Thank you so much for the helpful, detailed information, Dungy. When OH has time, I will enlist his help with a cold frame, I think.
How lovely to live in deeply rural France. We've stayed in your area on a number of occasions when travelling south to the Languedoc Rousillon. My daughter's boyfriend has a house in the Poitou/Charentes where his is one of only 2 houses in the village. We went out there with them over Easter and, despite the torrential rain, we had a wonderful, relaxing few days. Hope you have better weather today in your area.

29 Jun, 2013


Hi folks,
Once again and as always thank each and everyone of you for both reading and replying,

My hearts been broken " i always thought "LOUISE" was a bikini girl, at the least sign of sun she'd be in the garden driving the men folk mad!

"A bit like mrs bucket's sister!!!!!!!! Arhhhhhhh well i can dream,
But getting back to this summer's weather,
it has'nt been a good one so far, and the only night i really sat outside in the dark lasted about 20 mins due to the farmer spraying cow juice over one of the fields
the evening warmth didnt help the smell to settle down.

But inspite of rain most of today its done the garden a bit of good,
so 'im now going to do todays blog so if your doing nothing join me on the blog page,
oooooooooh Louise, just a picture of you "in the garden"
pretending to be jugle jane!

Be good folks and enjoy the weekend.

29 Jun, 2013



29 Jun, 2013

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