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Ive got the itch, bug !!!!!!!!!!!!


By dungy


Greetings garden lovers,
Yes as the heading says ive got it!!
the bug, the itch,
I thought a really good shower would take it away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But after drying myself and spraying lots of Brut all over the parts that other smellies cant reach!!!!!!!!!

SHock it was still there, " in my head" it wouldnt go away"

Stay tuned in and i’ll tell you more!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s this taking picture thing,
Yes ive the itch to take more & more,

But I’d like to include you all in my itching,
So you can all share it with me,

And so the idea is to take a few picture’s of the verious bird nesting box’s ive got around the garden and then show in a layed out stage by stage how you can make a very simple & cheap bird nesting box “well it’s a pot really” in about 20 mins with very little materials, “No DIY skill”

And it really will work for the birds and its a good natural talking point for when visitors arrive.

So tomorrow night i will have it all ready for you to see.

And then i hope you’ll have “like me an itch” but a bird nesting box itch".

Other than this bug/itch todays weather has been really hot sun this morning and thunder and lightening this afternoon.

On a friday here in france in our little village we have the open street market,

veg, flowers, wine, ducks and hens, and even a very popular item’s are the plastic table coverings “like what your grand parents had”

They are very popular here and on todays market they also had a youth band playing “crash bang boom” music as they marched up and down the square,

They’re not asking for anything “No charge or collections” just a bit of added music to make the market come to life and sell more head ache pills.

With the morning sun and the warmth of the sun it was nice to walk through the market seeing people kissing each other and the little ones being just that “little ones”.

I saw an old lady with her cat on a lead walking from stall to stall, Ive seen her many times and the cat.

Yes i can honestly say one thing this country part of france dont have is fashion,

I thought as i got older and left the care of my nan i’d never see plastic table coverings ever again “but i did today”

And she had a sort of plastic rain hat that when she took it off her head she’d pull the chin ties and the plastic head cover would end up like one strip of plastic ready for another rainy day!

Well those plastic strip head covers are all the go for the old ladies here and you can buy them today from the big van thats also on the square every market day.

Life really hasn’t moved towards the modern ways here,

I had to go to the nurse today for a blood test (doctor said it was a good idea to keep on top of such things and as he’s the boss who am i to argue?)

Anyway ive not seen the nurse since she pulled 34 metal clips out of my leg after the hip opperation and kept saying after everyone only such & such amount to go now.

Well as i went into the nurses centre this young girl who looked about 12 to me said hello and i said ive come to see the nurse ref a blood test.

Oh your a little late she replied, she’s dead!!!!!!

Im your knew nurse now my name is “ouiset!”
Come this way and i’ll do your test now, your doctor said you we’re coming.

12 Years of age and taking blood test “with a needle”.

On the wall i could see pictures of this nurse and certificates of her career and her final pass as a registered nurse,
Not only did i feel drained of the blood she’d taken but OLD really OLD.

Yes you know when your getting older when what looks like a 12 year old is infact into her late 20’s married with a baby (pics on her desk proved this).

So its been a “Full day” a happy day and a learning day!
Who could ask for any more?

And we’ve got a new table plastic cover for the outside table.

Have a nice one folks.

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Glad you survived the blood tests. I think it's good that some places haven't moved on to the modern ways, I'm not keen on quite a lot of 'modern ways' and I'm no fan of fashion.

I like the idea of the lady walking her cat on the lead.

Looking forward to seeing your pics!

7 Jun, 2013


Oh Dungy you do make me laugh, I can remember wearing one of those strips of plastic, we always carried one in our handbags, the water always ran off and trickled down your neck, mind you that was better than getting ones backbrushed and heavily lacquered hairstyle ruined, lol..
Those plastic tablecloths were a godsend when the children were little, in fact I have a huge special xmas one that still comes out when its our turn to play host for the family..
Market day here as well, every Friday and a small one in the town square on Saturdays, it was packed today as the good weather had fetched people out, plus the local radio station were in town, needless to say I avoided it, don't like shopping or crowds, my sojourns are only done when I can't get out of it..
We use that saying," You know you're getting old when the policemen get younger" these days the policemen are even younger than my kids, guess I'm now considered ancient in some circles then........

7 Jun, 2013


Hello folks, and fashion followers,
The weather here this morning is hot but dull, its forcast a storm this afternoon 'early evening'
so it's strip plastic hair covers to the ready,

I was thinking "they make a shampoo called head & shoulders for the hairy headed man!!!!!
but shouldn't there be one called just shoulders for the balder man?"

was saying if she won the lottery she'd have someone in to do the garden when she got to old to do it,

Well i had a lad working for me once and he loved going to see liverpool play,

"Now he wasn't the sharpest knife in the draw and some of the other males who worked for me tended to pick on him in as much he never got to sit in the front of the van "always tucked up in the rear of it
& he was the one always putting materials away while the others would be standing around talking,

Anyway saturday morning for the lads was half day and time & a half pay,
I knew this lad liked the overtime as it was towards his saturday football visit and so i'd make sure he got this extra,
One saturday i was tobe honest beating myself up what to do with him for this overtime as i had to be in Manchester & I knew i wouldn't be back to take him back to his home after the 4 hours overtime,
he didnt drive and as i had'nt touched the front garden i'd said to him my front garden looks like nobody lives in the house, the grass has gone wild and the borders the same,

(because of his being so shy it was hard to talk to him about anything)

Well to my surprise he "said" I love gardening (full stop)

Would you like to cut my grass and tidy the borders instead of going off with the lads???
He only lived up the road from us and he could cycle home when he'd finished.

Oh that would be great "he replied".
I'll make sure the wife gets you your tea/coffee etc at break time and there's a loo if you need one And as a exta bonus its job and finish just for you.

Now the front garden was'nt as bad as ive said but could do with a little weeding around the rose's and the lawn grass cut.
So much to the dislike of the other lads i took him to our house showed him where the tools we're kept and as he'd passed the front garden going in he knew what needed doing, (an easy 4 hours work more like 2).

Off i went to Manchester and i felt good looking after this
lad and getting the garden sorted.

The quoting for more work at Manchester was hard work and by the time i returned to my home i just wanted a coffee and a bit of time to myself before checking in calls etc,
Yes a cuppa and a walk around the front garden would do me nice.
I at the time had a jaguar car and it was my pride and joy but unlike the car i have now i didnt have a lot of time to really enjoy the Jag, but this nice long drive did me & the car good and as i turned into our drive this picture of sure bliss turned to a nightmare,

The Lawn had been scalped, not a single rose could be seen in the border, infact nothing was in the border,

He adjusted the lawn mower to setting "low" 1 inch from the soil,
And when my wife appeared with the tray of coffee/cakes etc my worker was greeting her with a big smile and the words,
Ive really cut the grass short so it wont grow to fast,
we're should i put all those dead rose's ???

The wheel barrow was full of every rose i had in the front borders approx 12 .

My wife didn't know what to say,
and the lad continued, if you want me to do anything around the back (that was an acre of land scaped lawn and flower beds, bedding areas full of flowers, etc)

When my wife stood infront of the Jag she just burst out laughing at my face and open mouth.

We still laugh at that short cut to employing someone to garden for you time in our lives.

So Linclass for me when my age puts a stop to the gardening,? It's a water feature idea i'll give serious thought too.

Once again ladies thanks for your replies.

8 Jun, 2013


Dungy it sounds as if your in the perfect place, the market place sounds interesting and the folks that frequent it. Like Lincs I remember the plastic rainhats well - kept the hair dry and the collar soaking
Looking forward to the bird box instructions.

8 Jun, 2013

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