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By dungy


Hello folks, weather first as always,
Hot and very sunny, one of those second shower “must have days”.

Anyone who knows me will tell you i have a soft spot for those who’ve reached old age and also those who’ve had one or two bad cards delt to them in life and now find it a little hard to do the things they once did.

Well todays blog from me is directed at both those sort’s of people and the people who care about these sorts of people’s needs when it comes to them enjoying the garden & peace perfect piece. (Son’s /daughter’s)

So lets get on and talk facts ref gardening,
two ways of looking at what some people call a garden,

Some think its got to have grass/Plants/shrubs etc

And some (myself included) know of the second sort of garden thats got very very little of such things as Grass/Plants/shrubs.

For the people who think the first idea, lets look at a few facts,
Plants/shrubs etc no matter how small your garden is all costing money to buy & feed & keep in good health,

A bit like children if we wrote down the best we could how much it cost in money to have little johnny from the day he arrives until the day he’s off doing his own thing “we’d be amazed at the cost involved”

Gardening & buying all the growing things plus tools etc is very much the same and we’re talking about our own gardens that we supply the labour for free! unless of cause you pay someone to do it for you and still it’s a cost you have to find.

Now most of us start off buying a few plants at a time, the odd tool we need & then the feed, etc etc etc
And so we’re gardening now "and if we looked at the future cost “like the cost of little johnny” over a longer period that we’d spent???? we’d really be amazed.

Now if we did manage to say
’" come up with such an amount but had to pay it up front and supply our un-paid years of free labour"!!!!

I think we’d really be amazed.

Second type of gardening "no grass, (pot plants) "maybe,

A one off payment and the gardens there for you for years & years and very little labour from you "But our friends who can’t put the needed labour in to keep even the smallest garden looking nice "!

can go out side when the weather is for their liking or even from the view from inside looking through a window can still feel that garden thrill of being relaxed and that peace perfect peace thing,

Its gardening with a water feature and a patio style garden with lights that im talking about,

It’s a garden thats a one off payment to have such an area set up, and its a garden that during the winter months you can turn the pump off for the water feature “empty the tank” and you’ll still have the use of any outside lighting via a light switch, and once you’ve turned your outside lights on “even the snow can look so relaxed”.

Having electicity installed is a lot cheaper than having plumbing installed,

If you have a need for plants “other than in the water feature” then pots & urns can provide colour with a lot less labour needed.

Ive sat having a chat with one of our allotment members who had an heart attack and could’nt do a lot but he was so happy sitting in his slabbed pation extended garden with verious lights hidden around the water feature "Urns full of stones and lighting and it was an one off price he paid to have this installed, no more feeding plants, no more cutting grass,
But a nice place to sit and remember times gone and relax knowing that at the turn of a light switch his garden went to sleep until he wanted to use it again,
(and no weeds growing).

By adding hanging baskets and a few urns you really can have a very little labour intensive garden.

A few statues around and your almost in ROME!

Even a hot tub.

Gardening is to be enjoyed and this can be with little plants and less work.

Well lets hear your thoughts on this one,?

(a) The garden we pay for all the growing life
(b) The one off payment and most of the work is an on/off switch for water to entertain you, and lighting.

Have a nice one folk
Regards Dungy.

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I prefer the type (a) gardening for as long as I'm physically able, it's my hobby so I don't mind the cost in money or labour. I've thought about what I'll do when I'm too old and I'm not sure yet what to do.

Personally, and this is purely my own view, I'm not keen on paving with water features and lighting. I'm almost sure that when I'm old I won't be able to afford those things, like having plumbing and electricity installed and pots do take quite a bit of effort to water so I wouldn't go down that route. That kind of gardening wouldn't suit me or the area I live in, it's not to my taste.

So what will I do, well I've thought about making it a meadow garden, or a semi-wild area rich in plants that bees and butterflies love. Some weeds wouldn't matter in that kind of garden. I might replace the small lawn I have with gravel, but then I see my 90 year old Dad mow the lawn with the push mower we have and simply hope that I'm still physically able like him when I'm that age! In the meantime I'll give thanks for being young and fit enough to be able to go about my hobby as I currently can.

6 Jun, 2013


To my mind though a paved patio and water feature isn't a complete garden. Its nice and labour saving but a gardener wants to plant plants. When I get past gardening I would like to have access to a garden with trees, lawns and flowers - for me lots of green is mandatory!

Only the better off could afford all the nice things you suggest when they retire. If I had that sort of money I think I might prefer to pay a gardener to look after my garden - I would probably have to move somewhere with a smaller one.

6 Jun, 2013


Food for thought with this one Dungy...
We've lived here for over 40yrs and would not want to even try and work out how much has been spent on the garden over that time but I guess I'd be delighted if I had that much in my bank, saying that I don't regret spending it as my garden is my pleasure.
I like both A and B, in fact I have both, the patio is set up with two water features, lights pots, ornaments, a chimanea and hanging baskets on the fence and house with the obligatory patio set, the garden itself has lawns, shrubs, trees,roses, flowers galore, two ponds,two greenhouses, veggie plots, raised beds and anything else I have a mind to try and grow, its a lot of work but its mine and I LOVE IT, sheds we have three!!!! would you believe it they are all full, lol, I SWEAR I'm going to have a shed sale one of these days..
I really don't like to even contemplate what will happen when I'm too old or unable to care for it as nobody else here likes gardening, I know that when I can't look after my garden will be my time to go, hopefully I can continue for a long time yet, failing that I'll win the lottery and be able to pay someone to do it for me..
Susie's dreaming again......

7 Jun, 2013

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