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Pictures as promised


By dungy


Greetings slug hunters,
Well as promised here are some pictures of the garden

Now these pics we’re taken last summer, and this years will be taken later this summer,
Hope you enjoy.
Regards Dungy

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wow thanks Dungy, those photos were well worth waiting for! Your garden is beautiful, your roses superb and your pool looks very inviting!

Now whenever you blog, I'll be able to think of your lovely garden!:)

5 Jun, 2013


Beautiful garden and way ahead of here with all the roses out......

6 Jun, 2013


Gorgeous garden Dungy... the arch with the mass of roses is an absolute delight. Love the pool too.

6 Jun, 2013


I can see where all the perfume comes from Dungy, all those roses are gorgeous, I can see why you'd need all day to care for your garden (estate lol) its lovely, I know I'd lose myself out there and be a very happy person.
Thankyou for showing us....

6 Jun, 2013



6 Jun, 2013


Wow! What a wonderful garden Dungy. Don't wait too long to take more photos for us :o)

6 Jun, 2013



6 Jun, 2013


Many thanks earth lovers, And if you want more idea's via pics then i'll be only to happy to do them,

Once again im really pleased you liked them.

6 Jun, 2013


I'd really love to see more pics! Now we know what a wonderful garden you have we want to see more!:)

6 Jun, 2013


Hello play mates,
And a big thanks for joining me in my thoughts ref two kinds of gardening,

Ive a feeling we'll see "Louisa 15" doing a bungee jump
from a tower at Bridgemere when she's her dads age,
she's got that twink twink in her eye's"

Ive just been watching my favourit tv program, "Paul "O" Grady (for the love of dogs.)

It's 100% true what the vet said about when a dogs starved that much they can hardly stand and their breath smells,
We've two here now that we're in just that state and now we've got them back to enjoying life they really are so loving animals,

This afternoon it was so hot i decided to spend a little time in the work shop painting a metal base plate that holds our sun parasol,
"Bough" one of these two dogs that was starved came into the workshop sat on his pillow and both watched me painting and listening to me reminding him of that first day i found him in the rescue centre and i said to him On that first meeting

"i'll be back"

He looked at me as if to say "but some of these other dogs are pretty and pedagree breed's.(He's a hienze 57 breed)

I went to the office (they know me well) and asked what the score was with him,?
Found tied to railings and starved.

I went back and said "come-on " ive a new life waiting for you.

Ive never had any regret and "bough" has'nt.
Why oh why do people treat animals like this!!!!

Well had my rant, i'll go to bed now and sleep tight,
good night folks.

6 Jun, 2013


post pics more often Dungy - your garden is fab!

Plus would like to see pic of happy Bough enjoying your big garden- do you let him have a dip in the pool to cool off?

6 Jun, 2013


Agree more of garden and dogs

8 Jun, 2013

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