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By dungy


Evening earth people,
Here are the pic’s ref the very simple to make bird nest house.
Now the first pic is of what you’ll need,
(1) ie some wire" ive used thin flexible gardening wire, but for larger pot’s you can use wire coat hanger’s
(2) Pot "in this case its a very small clay pot ideal for blue tits etc, it’s water tight, warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
(3) A piece of backing wood, & 2x screws for fixing to a wall or tree,
4x screws for holding the wire in place "this holds the pot to the wood,

Ive screwed the pot here onto a peice of chip bourd so you can see the idea if it was screwed to a wall or tree etc, of how it looks when finished & mounted.

The cross of the wires in the centre of the pot must not block the entrance we’re the birds will fly in & out,
So cross the wire just below the “HOLE”.

Well there you have one of the very easy to make bird nesting homes,
You can paint the clay pot and do all kinds to make them more attractive.

As we had visitors today and i couldnt get to take pcs of the two of these clay pot nesting homes ive had on the wall at our gite for approx 9 years now ‘ill take the pics of those two tomorrow and put them on here for you to see how they’ve weathered through all the winters etc,
birds have used both of them this year, And they are just normal clay gardening pots i had laying around the greenhouse “nothing special”.

I hope this gives you a chance to help the birds and enjoy something you’ll not find in the gardencentre costing an arm and a leg. (they are cheep) “sorry i just couldn’t resist that one”
Good gardening to you all,

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What a brilliant idea Dungy, and so 'cheep' to do as well!

Unfortunately I can't attract birds to my garden because of neighbouring cats but for anyone wanting to give birds a nest site this is a great deal better than paying a lot of money for a ready made one.

8 Jun, 2013


Evening Dungy, our summers done a bunk again today, very disappointing for people at work all week.
Thankyou for sharing your nestbox and the method of how to make one, its right they are a ridiculous price to buy and when I think of all the clay pots becoming homes for spiders ( ugh) I know I can spare some for the birds and as you say they can be painted up if anyone so wishes, the cats wouldn't be able to get the little birds out either or hopefully those flaming magpies for that matter..

8 Jun, 2013

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