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By dungy


Hi all,
Yesterday was a real boiler, i nipped to the supermarket to get a can of fuel for the Lawn mower and as i drove through the village a could hear the mowers going all over the place,
But what a day gardening wise,

Today it’s back to normal “rain”.

I got a call from one of the old friends i made years ago when i had the allotment and he informed me an old friend who was a member of the same allotment was put to rest on saturday,
We had a good bunch of allotment holders and as always you always get one who makes everyone laugh,

well when it came to saying a few words one of the lads got up and said what a moving service so far it had been and the bit the rev had said about joe being up there is the sky looking down on us made him think,

and as the rev continued to give us all hope by saying “Joe” was in his 80’s when he died and most around the church hall are in their 60/70’s “the golden years”

Well i’d like to add on to what the rev has said as i am one of the “golden year boys” and say this,
we"re all sitting in lifes departure lounge just waiting for call.

I can imagen the church hall being full of laughter and its true we’re not getting any younger,

He went on to say “joe” would never never pass you by and never did anyone enjoy a bacon toasty more than him, and never did any one of us “golden boys” ever be as late paying for the bacon toasty he’d just eaten as joe!!!
“He hasn’t paid for the last ones he ate in 1983.”

And its true “i know because i had the plot next to him” he did squeek when he walked.

Well it’s that second guarantee in life we’ll all see one day and what will be said about you when your leaving lifes “departure lounge”?

Let me know.

Good gardening to you all.

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How depressing. Can we have an improvement on these
morbid thoughts Dungy please ?
Its the easiest thing in the world to find fault with other people.
Learn to look for the good in them, as I do.

28 May, 2013


But it's good to see the funny side as well Diane! As my son used to say when he was a Pontin's blue coat! "Where would You Be without a laugh?.......................................
Butlins !!!!"
Well, Dungy, I like to be the one who makes people laugh.....I'm not really much of a drinker but people very often think I've had one too many..and to be honest, I don't mind looking a bit daft if it makes people laugh/, quite some years ago I told Julie that when I reach the "departure lounge" as you so eloquently put it, I would like to have one of my favourite comedians of all time played "Don't Laugh At Me Cos I'm A Fool"(the wonderful Norman Wisdom of course) She used to think I was joking but she now knows, years later,that I wasn't!!!!(but, I'm hoping that's a long way away......I've still got to get a lot more laughs yet!!)

28 May, 2013


I agree,a laugh and a joke is necessary most of the time..even at sad times..and as my'departure lounge' won't be in church,as I'm not hypocritical enough to be there for the wrong reasons,not being religious minded..but a humanist exit will be my choice,with something Country music and catchy,to send me on my way to wherever :o)..

28 May, 2013


We too lost an allotment neighbour 2 years ago. He had stomach cancer. The Doctors told him a year before it happened there was nothing they could do.
He and his wife loved each other so much.
I gave him Brassica plants, said " You come down here and do your plot, never mind about the hospital."
He just smiled, knew I was trying to occupy his mind as worrying doesnt help a cure. He planted them.
They took him to Northampton hospital. Operated on his stomach. He was very ill after that.
It was unbelievable because he always looked so healthy and well.
After he died I wrote an epitaph for him, and pinned it to his allotment gate - it was all I could do.
'Courage came to him, like a friend
To sustain and support,
When life was at an end.
For us, who hope for more sunny days
Our thankfulness for his memory,
And our praise.'

28 May, 2013


Hi folks,
your reading it wrong, its not meant to be morbid,

And if you re-read it you'll understand,
It was one group of friends who met through gardening and had many laughs together saying goodby to one we'll not see again and remembering his ways,

Nothing to do with being morbid,

I like a lot of people do not go to church and im one of those who would like to think of the good side of life rather than the sad side "But" im honest enough to stand up and say once you've passed the 60 age group you do notice the years in front are less than those you've passed along the way,

I hope im very very late for my own funneral "but like others i know i wont be".

Nothing wrong or morbid in sharing thoughts with one another.

28 May, 2013


Its always sad when we lose someone but I don't find this a depressing blog Diane and the way I read it and I did that twice, Dungy isn't finding fault, quite the opposite, in fact to me the comments sound like fond memories of someone who could be considered tightfisted, in other words careful with his money and if he could get something for free then he would...

28 May, 2013


A bit like me then,Sue ..or most of us I guess..:o)I don't often refuse a freebie.Lol...and I didn't find it depressing ..just telling it the way it was for his friend :o)

28 May, 2013

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