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By dungy


Hello people in the garden,
Well our visitors have been waved off and inspite of the weather being one if not the very worst may weather since we moved here 10 year ago now "they still have fell in love with france and the fact that are hamlet is at least 30 years behind the times,

My USA, sister in – law thinks that the fact we have a chair by the counter in the post office is “out of this world”

She even took a picture of the old loo in the market square of the feet inprints and the hole and just couldnt get over thats how these very old public loo’s are.

But at last im back to the garden as much as the weather will let me and no sooner had we waved goodby when “dear old john arrived” (he who thought gardening was a waste of time & money)

He had a question to ask,

when you buy a wheelbarrow, do they come with longer handles as he has long arms???

Well thinking of the new to gardening members and my
gardening friends who are not able to garden with health
I thought for a topic today i’d point a few fingers as to the right direction to go when buying such important tools.
Now all garden supply centre’s sell wheel barrows and 9 times out of 10 most new to gardening go to these places and pay the earth for a style of barrow used by some famous gardener,

Except for the people who have walking problems with one wheeled barrows or need a one wheeled barrow with the more modern large “BALL” style front wheel"
gardencentre’s can be the wrong place to look.

They are more costly for a well made metal barrow and if you require a wider barrow again you can do better by looking in the builders supply depot’s.

Now these places are not out of bounds to the every day person, “You are welcome” to buy from these people not only tools but also sharp sand / stone/ gravel /etc
and you’ll find the prices cheaper than gardencentre prices for the same materials.

Ask for a barrow to fit your size ie some have shorter and some have longer handles, you can get wooden incerts to the barrow handle’s to help make the lifting of the barrow a little easier,
wheels are again something to think about, ie do you want a solid rubber tyre or an inflated one?

The very construction of a builders barrow is made to last and to deal with weight over a long period of time.

you can get extra wide barrows as used by plaster mixer’s,
If you try “whats called the feel of the barrow” you’ll soon find whats good for you,
The prices for the qualitiy will be cheaper than the garden centre ones,
Remember your buying an all weather much used over a long time tool, So buy the best and dont be fooling yourself “cheaper is better”.

The gardeners who have walking problems and find a one wheel barrow a bit of a balance gamble!

why not try the two wheeled with skid frame.
This is a barrow with two wheels and infront and behind the wheels is a resting leg, or as known as the skid frame,
It allows you to just lower your arms and the complete frame is now on the ground without any fear of you falling over or the load being tipped over,

“very handy for those who dont want to be lifting and balancing heavy weight’s for long periods”.

Now for tipping the contents out of these barrows!
you can use the skid frame legs as a tipping device “these legs once the handle’s are lifted act to lift the wheels off the ground and so the contents are tipped,”

If this is not possible due to a no “lifting rule by your doctor?”
then the same barrow can be gently emptied via taking your time and lifting the contents out at your own smooth pace.

The same asking/trying & then buying is for forks/spades/hoe "infact anything that has a handle they all come in long /short shafts, and for those who have discomfort when bending a longer shaft (handle) will help you bend less even brushing is the same idea (a long handle will require you to bend less)

Remember! Try before you buy.

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Very imformative and helpful Dungy, pleased your visitors enjoyed themselves, as to the gardening a boat is what is needed today to navigate the yard to gain access to the garden via that route, lol....

29 May, 2013


When I needed a new wheelbarrow I wanted a plastic one with a blowup tyre so went to quite a few different places for my "test drives" they were all so different....
And I learnt that to keep it (especially the tyre) from degrading or rotting keep it out of the sun when not in use.
I chose the bright orange one from a certain diy chain, it fitted me and still looks good after about 4 years... result!

29 May, 2013


Mines a big heavy thing like the builders use, its heavy and awkward even when empty, typical buy on behalf of a hubby who hates gardening and rarely uses it, half the time I find it easier to use a bucket and my hands, I do have my own set of wheels that convert to a trolley and they are very useful....

29 May, 2013


I used to have one with big ball instead of a front wheel and was very sad when it finally gave up the ghost. They have gone out of production apparently so although I would have had another it had to be a conventional one. But the ball one was great for wheeling over loose soil and it didn't mark the lawn either. Can't think why they stopped making them.
Builders barrows are too big and heavy for me these days and I'm very happy with the bog standard lightweight garden shop one. Its horses for courses, as Dungy says, try before you buy.

29 May, 2013


Hi folks
And once again thanks for both reading and giving me your views ref barrows & tools,

Remember if you do need to use a boat for your gardening
"Make sure its got wheels on"
good night all,
sleep tight and only dream gardening dreams.

29 May, 2013

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