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Later than you think


By dungy


Hello happy people,
Well it’s been a gardening all day sort of day as its been sunny and dry,

Ive been using the strimmer on one of the borders to get the grass/weeds down and now i’ll rotovate using the "Mantis small rotovator to get the soil tilthed and any weed roots removed,

It’s looking better already.

I’d not as the norm be using the strimmer for this task but because ive lost so much time this spring I feel drastic action is needed and this will give me a chance to plant out the plants ive grown from seed.

Have you managed any gardening today?

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Not today - other commitments. Hope there's a bit of good weather left over for tomorrow in spite of the forecast! I did make a list of things to do first, which got longer and longer.

26 May, 2013


out yesterday and today from 9am to 5pm both days. even with factor 50 sun cream applied every 30 mins hasn't avoided a bit of sunburn. Filled 2 brown bins thanks to my neighbour letting me fill his. but 2/3 of the borders are done and the remainding bits are almost couch grass free. hope to get it dugout tomorrow before a trip to London with my youngest girl Tues to Thurs. Then next weekend hope to get plants in the garden that are sitting on the back path.

26 May, 2013


Been out all day - doing all those little jobs that just constantly need doing!
Treated the front lawn with Verdone at the beginning of the week -all mowed today! Started my new Acer border - which has came about by having to removed a Rhododendron and an Azalea!
Strimmers scare me - I don't know why, I have 2 and have only ever used them once.
Seems like most of us have been busy.

26 May, 2013


I couldnĀ“t get anything done in the garden today as it poured with rain all the time....but at least the water butt got filled up...for the drought that we are going to have next

27 May, 2013


Hi wellie wearers,
Smashing to know im not the only one out there doing hell and all in record time singing as i go

"im a gardeners and i ok dodging the rain as i work away"
Arrrrrrr You know when your getting older "when like some you start making list's of wha t I must do, "then loose the list,

And what about Rogi, he 's heard something i can only dream about "DRAUGHT" but i hope he's right,

And our scottish lass, buy-one get one free strimmer owner,

Ive just got the one, and im getting good at it now "but at times i stand back and look at some of the results of my strimmer cutting and it reminds me of my hair cut when i thought i was a trendy "Beatle look-a-like" with a frindge that my gran use to say "looks like the council cut that frindge"

Bit we've all got one or two things in common, (1) we're not doing anyone any harm and we're doing what we enjoy and thats what counts.

When i see some gardens im glas they have a place called "spec - savers" but what i like other's may not.

So thanks for replying it makes my day to know we do have some normal people still left in this crazy greedy world,
so to those people,
Have a nice day gardening and to the rest, enjoy blowing your self's to bits.

27 May, 2013


You missed the first bit of the song Dungy......

"Enjoy yourself "
Its later than you think.........

The first bits important too......
I did on the two lovely days

27 May, 2013

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