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What is a professional


By dungy


Good morning earth lovers,
Well its raining as i write todays offering and the dogs are as fed up with this late starting summer as i am.

But it gives me both time and an excuse to say a few things ref gardening and clear a point up thats being used time & time again on forums such as this,
So fasten your wheelbarrow belts and read on.

The point im talking about is when a person ask a question and any member replies,
Now the person who has taken the time & trouble to give their honest reply isn’t doing it so someone can come on here saying your wrong and i know because im a professional!

the first question i’d like to clear up is the “professional title” and what it means to me and a lot of people,

It’s a way of saying one thing for sure "that person gets paid for what they do,
It’s not saying they are any good at what they do and its not saying they have any form of qualification in the world.

Take as a perfect example “Monty” he’s on the tv on a regular basis showing what he thinks is good gardening
but he is not a qualified gardener in fact his trade was in the jewlery trade and he went bust from that,

But he can be termed as a pro gardener thanks to him making a living out of it, Now if he’s any good at what he’s doing is an other matter? To the complete beginner he may seem good, to those who both have been gardening for years and have a set of eyes that look over this pro’s shoulder and see’s burnt box hedgesn weeds all over the place etc etc he’s not so good.

Ive met and enjoyed the company of many “hands on gardeners” who dont have any gardening qualifications for gardening but they’d knock spots of the likes of “MONTY” and as once was pointed out to me the amateur
has a hunger to do his best and learn and its what he wants to do and he will do his hobby in his own time for satisfaction not for gain ref money,

“Some” do sell their harvest and i see nothing wrong with that
“But” i do see something wrong with people thinking because they use the word “professional” that they are right and anyone who’s a non professional is automaticly wrong.

Look at it this way,
The TITANIC SHIP, was built in Belfast by what was then known as the best professional ship trades people of its day “AND IT SANK

A keen DIY,er built the ARK, and it lasted a lot longer than the TITANIC!!!!!
I rest my case.

Thanks for reading
enjoy your gardening regards Dungy.

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Ha ha....made me think and laugh!!!!
Slightly different but puts me in mind of the local mower centre that sells power tools which have the words ' pro use' on the box but , when they go wrong , the retailer/ mower centre argues that they're not meant for' commercial use' perhaps he thought he was a 'professional' and he was because he sold / repaired tools for money....however, I can assure you he no longer takes any of my money! So, I agree, the word 'professional' can be used to suggest something other than purely ' for money' and therefore misleading in some cases!

15 May, 2013


I always understood - knowing some theatrical people - that the only difference is that professional people get paid and amateurs don't. Sometimes talent has little bearing on it.

15 May, 2013


Hi Lizziebee and Paul,
Nice to hear from you and share our thoughts ref pro and amateur,

I like things simple and i was lucky enough when things went wrong as a very young child to be taken in be my nan,
She'd already brought 6 of her own and 2 others up from a young age until they all married and "as they say made their own beds in life"
To step forward and take a 4 year old on at her time in life was really something,
But at the start of all this the social services wanted me to be put in a home and my nan really had a long battle with these people and years later when i found out about all this i was told that she asked the social workers what was the title of the book

"How to be a perfect mother!
& After 8 kids and a world war to cope with didnt they think she had some experience!

Be good to old people /animals/ respect the police and do to others as you'd like to be done to you,

these we're her sayings to me all through my childhood and tobe honest i cant for the life of me find anything wrong with those words even today.

If someone is trying to help "Dont disrespect them with your head stuck up your backside and say i know better
because just by acting in such a way your doing just that
being disrespecting them.

But the inter-net is a great place for people to be on the nasty side and think they are greater than thou,
so it will continue to be as long as they're allowed to get away with being this way.

15 May, 2013


Absolutely spot on! The only thing that 'professional' means is money. And as for qualifications...well, it basically means you passed a test and have the text books. I heard recently of a qualified horticulturist who cut someone's herbaceous borders to the floor in August! And some of the answers I hear on GQT are, to say the least a bit strange...AND they are never agreed on anything! Did you hear about the Old Fella of 104 who became famous on twitter because of his wealth of gardening experience? he just wanted to help and encourage others by passing on what he had learned from experience. Now that's a real 'pro' for you! I too have been upset by people being very abrupt on the questions pages. That's why I avoid them. But I don't thrive on conflict like some. If someone upsets you on here, my advice is always give them the benefit of the doubt, they might not have great communication skills for many reasons. But when you start getting PMs full of swearing and threats...then it's time to withdraw.

15 May, 2013


Hi Karensusane,
Nice to be able to say hello & i hope your well (love the photo of you "a real smasher)
chat up line over now down to reply,

You are 100% correct, ive not had any "e" mails ref swearing but as ive said i do try to think of other's,
Now we do have age gaps here and my wifes "dad" is in his 80's and he bought a PC.

Do you know i was worried sick because (1) of the way he couldn't get to grips with words like "mouse" etc

When i tried to show him how to get started he'd look at me and say" listern im in my 80's and i know what a mouse is, you dont need to tell me anything about mice"

But on a more serious note i didnt want people taking advantage of him ie if he was sent a virus or nude picture's and he used the red x sign thinking he was getting rid of the pictures only to find he's let such a virus in,
People who talk to others in a very bad way,!!!!!!!!

Its bad enough just watching something like come dine with me and the remarks made ref peoples food etc.

But Karen you say "withdraw "

I feel it should be the other way round and people who do these things and chase the likes of you away and all you have to offer the other members is very wrong,

One and i do mean one warning and your off the complete forum and let other members know whats been decided and why and perhaps this strong no messing treatment will be a warning to anyone else who has the same rude ideas.

We see far to much of the victims paying the price and the people who do wrong getting off, or even sent on holiday as a "get you better punishment"

But anyway,
Karen ive a question for you?
How can we get the weather to grow??????????

Keep smiling that smile and do what your doing ref the forum.
Regards dungy..

16 May, 2013're probably right re. People getting blocked. But the administrators on here seem to be fairly liberal. I suppose it is a good thing in many ways, but I think many people have been put off by abrupt, rude and occasionally abusive messages. When I said withdraw, I didn't so much mean from the forum, as from the particular individual who is being abusive, rather than try to 'work it out' with them, which is impossible sometimes, as it is in 'face to face' life also. Sometimes the other person can/will only see their own point of view, and trying to sort it out just inflames them. So, yes, please stay yourself...I'm not going away! I really love Goy, it's a great forum. I have all my plants catalogues and pictured, and lots of really lovely friends on here!

Thanks for the lovely mum Oliveoil (on here) supplied the good genes!! :D

Funny re. Your Dad and the mouse, thanks for the chuckle!

16 May, 2013

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