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Lights in the greenhouse of a night


By dungy


Good morning manure lovers,
Well we’re off to the ex-pats book and bbq gathering at the ex-pats library,

Last year i got talking to a new friend i’d made and he asked if i’d ever upset the neighbours ref gardening!

Good question,
I was given one of those heat lights that help the plants grow when the light outside is’nt to good,

Well i had about 20 tomato plants growing like hell in the greenhouse and they we’re all stood on the staging looking the best i’d seen toms growing for that time of year,
I left this grow light on all night a few times,

Now the house i lived in then 16 mile from CHESTER,
had neighbours all around three side’s of the garden and they could all see my greenhouse from their bedroom window’s.

I heard this banging on my front door at 7am one sunday morning and the dog i had then “HADLEIGH” a St Bernard, was going mad at the rear of the house
and then these voices shouting “POLICE” open the door!

My eggs we’re on the stove and i’d just put them in the boiling water for the 3 mins to perfection ref a soft middle,

I ran down the hall and on opening the door three police officers stood there and then i was pushed past as a policeman told me to get the dog under control,
I looked around the corner of my house and yet one more police woman was standing by by locked rear gates and “hadleigh” was drooling and looking at her with his big drooling eyes and she was asking will she bits me to death?
No i said she’s a he and he’ll lick you to death.

It all came to pass after we all went down the garden to the greenhouse and inspected my tomato’ plants that the police had been told i was growing weed, (drugs)

And inspite of my asking who had reported me to the police they wouldn’t tell me,
We lived in that house for 27 years and it was a very quiet area at one time until the fields became filled with housing estates and tesco built a huge store on the old railway station land and the population grew up like hell and the rates for living there joined this rise in everything.

I was asked to go to the police station by my own appointment, and i was asked about my life style ie how did i get on with my neighbours, had i’d fallen out with any off them,
the reply was no, the lady next door was 89 at the time and apart from her piano playing on a sunday morning and singing jesus want me for a sunbeam "we never really heard much of her and i’d never had a cross word with anyone in all the time we lived there.
I never had anymore problems ref growing toms but i did leave a big bag at the police station for the staff there to enjoy from me.

And the egg!!!!!!!! it was given hard boiled to “Hadleigh”
and the pan ended up in the bin.

Oh the peace of gardening!

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lol :O) love it, can just see it all going down. hahahaha

16 May, 2013


Ha ha........So, the Toms were the decoy....You can tell us now....where was the other stuff growing..And who were you growing for? perhaps the religious, piano playing old give her a boost!!!??

16 May, 2013


Great story - pity about the eggs but at least somebody enjoyed them...

16 May, 2013


Oh thats priceless, I'd love to have seen the look on the policewomans face when she was confronted by Hadleigh, its funny afterwards but don't suppose it was at the time.....

16 May, 2013


Oh that made me laugh, imagination was running riot ! great story :o)

16 May, 2013


There is always something interesting from Dungy !

What a laugh.

16 May, 2013


Well im glad so many thought it was funny "but" just one thing ref that lot,
For the remaining few years i was always wondering who reported me in the first place?

The local paper had a field day and the headlines (front page) read.
Drug bust on private house "guard dog was being used to stop police".

This was like any other local paper ie if the traffic lights got stuck on red it would end up in these local rag papers for the next three weeks and people would phone in to say they waited for three hours for the lights to change to green, and all that sort of rubbish news.

I did complain about the papers load of lies ref this police so called bust and when they interviewed the old lady next door and she said she'd say a prayer for me and god forgave all who came to him!!!!!!
Well that was the last straw,
I became a little paranoid and as we lived on a main road i noticed the Bus would be held up in the slow saturday morning rush hour traffic and i'd look up from reading the paper and see the top deck passengers looking into our lounge at me (or so i thought)
But when we put the house up for sale and the estate agents asked for directions as they we're going to tell me how much it was worth "i was asked if it was near the house the police visited.
But it sold and that was the end to that little "nightmare".

Good gardening to you all,
(ps i dont even smoke)

16 May, 2013


As I said its funny years later when telling the tale but I can understand how awful it must have felt at the time, we always say one should never believe what is reported in the papers but it does not stop the gossip and innuendo's there's always somebody who believes what they read is correct..
Had a grand time in the garden today Dungy,
SUNSHINE!!!!!!!! all day...

16 May, 2013


I once read the biography of a former Chief Constable of Oxfordshire. He said they deal with problems all the time, every day, its their job. But if local journalists get hold of a story, the Police are incredulous how it is blown up out of all proportion to its importance in the community.
The young woman who walked 4500 miles all round the coast of this country with a rescue dog, to raise money for the homeless, used to ring the local press ahead so that she could rattle her tin in the pub. Without exception, she was met by a journalist, and the first question she was asked was the same " You are walking alone. Have you been attacked by a man ?"
Scaremongering is their business to sell newspapers.
The answer is not to buy them.

17 May, 2013

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