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have you felt a little fruity?


By dungy


Evening earth people,
Well the weather first, it’s been the best day of the week so far here in france, sunny warm “even the flys enjoyed it”

Ive been looking at the orchard today,
ive 34 fruit trees of verious fruits spread around the garden but 16 in the orchard itself,

Now some of the trees are many years old “when we bought this house it lay empty for 25 years and once i’d cleared the jungle i found fruit trees from the last owners and one apple tree is a very old variety that ive not seen before as it has purple and red skin and is a very dry sweet taste”,
We have over the last 9 years planted 10 of our own choice fruit trees,
What i wanted to say to anyone who’s got space for any amount "from 1 to what ever amount of fruit trees is to plant them if you want real value for money,

Just think what "lets say an apple tree would cost you to buy today!! "
Can we say £20-00! once its planted and after a few years you’ll be getting a regular supply “every year” of fresh apples, the price in the shops will not come down over the years “but go up”
The amount of food you can make by using your own apples ie fruit pies/chuntney/jam/ fresh to eat as a fruit,

the list just grows And all for a small first payment of £20,
cherry/plums/Pears/the currant family all can make a big saving on your food cost.

We are still using chutney i made 3 years ago and i make jars of it every year, jam is the same, and the freezer is never without a good stock of crumble’s

So if your thinking about is it worth it owning a few fruit trees ?
I would say a very big “Yes” it really is worth while.

Well it’s bed time for me and so i’ll just say
good night and happy gardening to you all.

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I dont know about France, but here in England it is said we have a 'good apple year' every 4th year. Whether this concerns late May frosts, or insect pollination I just dont know.

5 May, 2013


Diane i agree frost is a factor, have two Pears and two Plum and some years there is a glut and another year very few,mind you i do have Rhododendrons and Camellias that if the are covered in blossom one year the following there may only be a few flowers, so do take time to build up again.
So as dungy says he has twenty plus trees on the law of averages he is going to have plenty.

5 May, 2013


Last year the lousy weather ruined the blossom so very little for the insects to visit and hence the worst crops I've ever seen. So this year HAS to be better!
I have a Bramley tree which usually produces more apples than we can cope with, and a Family apple tree with three 'eating' varieties (they span the whole of the cropping season) grafted into it. Apples are a favourite fruit in our family, it is lovely to pick them as and when we fancy.
I also have a damson tree, its blossom is a picture at the moment, but I don't do much with the fruit. Any favourite/tasty recipes?

5 May, 2013


Hi All,
Many thanks for the replies ref fruit etc,
Yes it is nice just being able to pick the fruit when its ready
And if you practice hard enough you can pick a plum as your driving past on the lawn mower,

Ive notice one of my dogs "Henry" eats apples /pears all through the later summer, (I should have called him turbo fuel) at times he's so full of wind from eating all this fruit he just lets out the loudest of farts you've ever heard And then he turns his head towards his rear to see whats that noise"

"He's Banned from the inside of the house" if we have visitors who dont know him and he decides to blow for france "i end up saying "Oh naughty Henry" so they know its not me, or i say to henry "have that one on me"

Im sure the visitors think its me doing all
this blowing off.

Ive three miniture plum trees that i can tell by the height of plums on the upper part of the tree that "Henry's" had every plum below that height,
But having said all this "Henry" and the other three dogs had a very bad start in life and so i feel this is pure paradise to them now (and they know it)

Well we're off to yet another "Brocante" (car boot sale type thing) and so I'll say have a nice one folks.

5 May, 2013


Two apple and one plum tree here Dungy, last year was a deadloss for the apples, very bad for the birds as there were none stored away for their winter supply, the blossom is just coming out and both trees will be loaded if the frost leaves well alone, fingers xx..

14 May, 2013

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