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spring time snow


By dungy


Hi all,
Well another day over and its been a wet one,
I did do the morning “cup in hand” inspection of whats to be seen in the borders this morning and apart from a few black birds doing their courting dance the rain wouldnt let me see much,
Until i walked past the car and then it hit me, it looked as if the car had been in a snow drift, all white tiny greengage leaves had fell off the tree and blown onto the car,
Its what i call spring snow
(better than winter real snow but looks much the same)

It’s a wonderful thing nature if only people would take the time to look, smell, & feel.
Ive found a little secret hide-away the red squirrel had hidden in one of the troughs "nuts nuts & more nuts,

A hedgehog still asleep under the raised water butt,

It’s little things like ive mentioned that make life so nice and then as i take that last sip of coffee and look over the rim of the cup i can see for miles just fields and a slight mist rolling over the fields,

It’s a bit like if you’ve have a job you really enjoy "when it comes to retirement you dont want to say goodbye to something you’ve been happy doing for all those years,

Life in the countryside for me is very much the same,
I couldnt careless if i never go on a holiday ever again

leave what you really enjoy for an airport long wait or a hotel room you’re never sure if its clean,
And that hoping your gardens ok and knowing the dogs hate being in the kennel’s while your away.

If you can find a happy place to live a happy life style then take it and milk it for all its worth.

As im writing this ive just heard the barn- owl outside,
Goodnight all.

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Hi Snoopdog,
Nice to hear you've made it to retirement,
I suppose you could say your dropping point has been reached no return loads anymore,

The last tach'o has been used and the stress of idiot drivers is now some ones else's problem,

So my friend its time to empty the cab, sleeping bag put away, "no more layby sleep overs, no more dreading parking for the night next to freezer drivers with the dreaded freezer engine going through the night,

No more knocks on the drivers door early hours in the night by the police telling you you cant park here " its a public lay-by (move it now "drive")

The only parking you need worry about is that you park your self in the best seat in the garden on good days and enjoy the retirement life,

No one has said gardening is easy, "NO" its the start of things in the garden that need someone who's got the most precious thing any gardener can have and it dont come in a packet "Time" is what im talking about,
And you Snoopdog have now got packets of the stuff,

Welcome to the world of those who now get back some of what they paid in, ( pension's) and what was a dream
you had as you drove along many motorways is now here,
enjoy it you played the game and the rewards are all yours.
Regards Dungy.

3 May, 2013


Dungy that's just how me and the OH feel about holidays and my OH,s favourite saying is "isn't life wonderful"and that every days a holiday we have travelled a lot in the past but now just like a short breaks not to far from home as we live in South Wales we have everything almost on our door step beautiful beaches lovely hills to walk we do family research which takes us up to North Wales which is a joy to visits we book a cottage which can be so much nicer than an hotel .so we count ourselves very lucky that we are content with our life and that we appreciate the small things in life like a walk in the forest that costs nothing .

3 May, 2013

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