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do you really use our freezer,?


By dungy


Evening all,
The weather here today has been a real hot day and as i said i would we went to a brocante this morning for a few hours, enjoyed it but i wanted to get home so i could "as the other half says "Potter,
And thats just what ive done potter around the garden,

Last year we promised each other that we’d garden in a sensible manner ie spend time relaxing in the garden instead of gardening all day 7 days a week, and sunday is the day little or no gardening to be done,

Now thats all very fine if the weathers been good to you during the week “But” if its been raining half the week then im sure any one who gardens will tell you "Weeds wait for no man or woman ,
So having said this we did do a few hours in the garden,
I wired up a new outside light, so we did do a bit,
Wed/thursday this week is another bank holiday here
(I did say the french have 4 during may) and this will mean a visit to one of the plant fairs they have here.

I was reading a bit in an old gardening mag ive had for ages and it was saying about how far the modern house wife has come over the years with all the modern white goods, ie washing machine, dishwasher, fridge & freezer.

I wonder how many people use the freezer for home made food freezing or has the freezer become a stop of point for bought frozen foods from the supermarket!

When it comes to growing your own a freezer
for us is a must.
We really do freeze a lot of home grown veg and home made meals.
A freezer can save you a small fortune if its used correctly.

Well im glad to say the weather forcast is looking good for next week so heres hoping to be able to enjoy the garden and a little bit of summer.

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Always used my freezer for fresh picked organic vegetables and fruit 31 years until last year. Then we had disaster summer. Then caught this Lumbar Virus 12 weeks ago. Now working out ways of growing o.v. in Grow bags
using small spaces at home. Still feel guilty in Sainsburys vegetable section. Hope you dont get the Virus Dungy, its awful. No cure, just Paracetomol and Ibuprofen to kill the pain. Have had to give up my allotment. Another tenant has had Shingles 4 months, came down the field for a walk, completely lost without the challenge of gardening.

5 May, 2013


Hi Dianebulley,
Thats not good news ref virus,
Yesterday i was stopped by the french police and as they pulled me over off the road there was an english couple breaking their hearts out crying, it works out they'd smashed through the fence that was part of this layby i was pulled over in.

The male driver had had a fit while driving and the passenger couldnt do anything.

The man wasn't hurt and the car wasn't to bad really "just a bit of a scratch on the front, the fence was that old i think it was like bolster wood & the only ones upset was the woodworm.

The french countryside police are a bit like the T.A army in the uk, its a weekend thing and most are not full time police so they tend to go over bourd if anything happens
and so they decided to breath test everything in sight.

I got talking to these two english people and she said he'd not had an attack for 3 years and this one came out of the blue, she could drive and after the shock of it all they settled down and went on their way.

It must be a shock to you not having the allotment anymore and i dread the day if it ever comes when i cant do the things i do now,

I was once given a bit of advice and i somtimes think about it,

You get two and only two guarantees in life,
(1) you've already had "you we're born"
, your alive and if your lucky "healthy"

(2) No matter who you are, the pope/ the queen/ whoever,
guarantee number two is your going to die one day
It's no good thinking you wont because you know and we all know it will happen.

It's what and how you live your life from guarantee number 1 until you get to guarantee number 2 that counts,

(the inbetween life is up to you how you live,)

you couldnt do much at the time about (1) or (2) when it arrives but the Now time you can.

Keep smiling and enjoy the walks and keep spreading the joy you give by the blogs you send to all of us.
Regards Dungy.

6 May, 2013


Thank you Dungy.
I am gradually moving everything of value off my allotment onto this clay soil here. The Red Kites are driving the Pigeons into the towns, so I need all my netting and hoops. Sowed global carrot seed today in 4 rows on 2 tomato Grow Bags on the greenhouse staging so I didnt have to bend down, quite
enjoyed doing it. Its just a question of adapting.
The Osteopath said it will be several weeks before I get the strength back in my back muscles. Am looking forward to the great day ! Goy has been a great comfort this last 12 weeks.
I know a man who was born with
Epilepsy. He is not allowed to have a Driving Licence in
this country. That man you met must be the same, and
is breaking the law by driving. He could have killed

6 May, 2013


Hi Dianebulley,
Your right ref that bloke driving, i only thought about after we'd started driving home,

When i went to the hospital to have the hip re-placement the doctor was asking me if i'd not had years of pain as the hip was in a mess and they'd found a chip in the pelvis,

I said that the past two years i'd felt pain and as the time went on it got more & more,
I didnt want to say i'd spent a long time in the Army and i'd had a few hard landings from time to time,

Because of the old thoughts coming back in my mind and the times i felt i was getting to close to real danger it remined me of an old lady in Belfast,
We'd been told that one of the big stores had a bomb in it and it was due to go off "big time in the next 30 mins,

We we're doing all we could to get people out and we thought we'd done a good job and so we got behind our sandbags just waiting for the bang!

It was then someone shouted for christ sake whats she doing there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was this old lady "she'd just walked out of what we thought was an empty building looking like nothing was out of the ordinary,
Two of us ran out and got hold of her arms and ran like hell, Her feet didnt touch the floor,
we just got her into the safe area when the bang went off, dust, flames& smoke all over the place,

this old lady looked at me and said "will there be a smoke damage sale now".

Some things stick in your mind and a bit like the weeds in the garden when they've been moved you never know what's there to make you smile & remember a past thought.

6 May, 2013

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