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By dungy

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I didnt want to do an early morn blog as the slun hunters need one day a week to have a lay-in After patroling the garden most f the night!!!!!

And those who went to church wouldn’t have time to read such blogs,
So here we go again "Sunday’ and a day of rest or so its said to be,

The weather here is cool " very" cool,
The sort of weather flabby men like as the cold breeze makes them look a bit more mustle in the higher body parts, As my late C.S.M would say nipples like 303 bullets,

So i think you get the weather forcast from here in this part of france for today april 28th, (nearly May)

Ive had a visitor this morning (Happy john) the one i told you about who cant understand anyone wanting to grow their own when they buy veg!

Well he came around this morning with a face like thunder and a car boot full of yellowing trays of all kinds, flowers & veg.
“Look at what ive bought for a fraction of the going rate garden centre’s charge “He said with a half grin on his face”
Well what do you think of my buy?

I had a good look and every tray was water logged, the plants (he thought we’re flowers infact are tomato) and needed serious N.H.S supplied zimmer frames to keep them up-ward facing,

Where the hell did you get this lot from I asked!!

Off the street market on saturday, I got them extra cheap as the seller didnt what to take them home?
and so he said that lot on the floor is your for 15 euro “the lot”

This is what i wanted to talk about, buying garden plants etc,
Dont do what John has done and buy without giving a little thought to what your trying to do and what the seller is trying to do!

He the seller wants to sell his plants,

You the buyer wants to fill your garden with colour, veg etc.

The plants /shrubs want to live as near to there natural needs as possible,

If you take the plants at the crack of dawn !!! “water them to last them all day hoping the sun shines”

But infact drowning them wont help any plant,

take the plants from a warmer temp, and wind free area
and then shake the hell out of them in the back of a van
and then arrive at the selling pitch put the very same plants on the cold concrete floor,

wind direction head on, no sun, the plants still over watered, and it sits in these conditions all day until 4 pm and then "what?

Yes “What” is the question.

What has the seller done to these plants!

Well he’s not done them any favours, this is’nt the way to grow plants in their near natural conditions and your not saving a fortune because the nice man selling these plants isn’t an angel sent from garden land in the sky.

This is not saving you money infact your wasting money, As john has done.
Have a think pre buying plants of what conditons these plants are being sold in?
A force 10 wind, & icy concrete floor is’nt good.

I told john he"ll have one of the best compost heaps in his area if he keeps buying these bargain buys!

John said he hasn’t got a compost heap!
Some people are born looser’s.

Please as its sunday say a few words for “John”.

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We will all pray for him.

28 Apr, 2013

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