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what comes round !!!!


By dungy


Good afternoon mole hunters,
The weather here today is very cool no sun and rain forcast,
So I thought i’d park myself infront of the PC and say hi to you lot.

I see from the BBC news that a problem has shown its ugly head ref “Bee’s” and the lack of them,

It was said they believe its the farmers spraying chemicles all over the fields thats caused the problem.

It’s a shame really we humans seem to like junk food so much thats grown to twice the size and twice the speed it should be produced in.

The powers to be really do come out with some rubbish ideas, Do you remember only a few years ago if a bananha was’nt to an certain angle it was’nt to go on the supermarket shelf!
And now it’s the norm after rain rain & more rain the first week of anything that looks like the Sun we get a hose pipe ban.

The bee situation is a bad thing for us gardeners, the bees do a wonderful job and without them im wondering how the crops are to be pollinated?

We really are our fools at times when we know the right thing to do and yet we take the wrong roads,

I was watching a cooks TV program and the food was ready tobe served, the plate was laid on the table and it was just daft the way the burger was on the bottom covering it was 4 chips, a strip of onion and around the edge of the plate was a dribble of some sort of sauce,

And this was supposed to be a top chief’s offering for a meal to die for,
If thats what these people call living food, it wont be that long before they do end up dead “hunger”

A good fresh home grown salad or veg is worth its weight in gold, and to use the complete plate to take the meals offering is to me a sensible way to offer it not something that looks like your having a snack at the scaffolders convention ’s meal in a hurry contest.

To be able to walk down the garden path and select fresh veg that grew at natures pace without being to much of a bend or twist for this veg tobe condemmed as wrong “not fit to eat”
And then to go to my chicken hut and collect the eggs that we’re laid without fuss,

(I will admit ive named the hen hut “PAXO HOUSE” with a warning fresh daily laid brown eggs or you know where the paxo will be used!!!)

But the hens love me really.
No it’s written on the wall for all to see "food prices are up 34% from last year and it really is worth thinking about growing your own “bent or otherwise” fresh food is good for you"

UMMMMMMM I smell fresh bread must go,

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Dungy you and my OH would get on well when he see,s top class chefs putting bits of this and that on a plate and drizzle sauce around it and call it food ! He goes off on one and rants oh the brickie coming home from work will really enjoy that lol .

27 Apr, 2013


I hope your hens can't read,Dungy, poor things! I have to say I agree about the home grown doesn't matter what it looks like, it's all about the freshness and the taste !

27 Apr, 2013


It amazes me these 'drizzle sauce chef competition'
programmes survive on BBC. They cost a lot of money
that could be used to improve the 'menu'.
Also all vegetables should be steamed to get the best nutritious value, how often do they do it ? I do mine in the Microwave, 5 or 6 mins, easy.
I like the Hairy Bikers, if they didnt talk so much. I turn the sound off, look to see what they are making, then print up the recipe from
Happy cooking Dungy !

28 Apr, 2013


Thats so mean Dungy, bit like us shouting Mince Sauce at the poor lambs, lol....

30 Apr, 2013

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