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By dungy


Greetings earthy people,
Well what a change in the weather today, it started raining about 10am ish, and its still p————-ouring down now (you thought i was going to say a naughty word then didnt you !)
But we did manage to do an hours weeding this morning and i must say its a great feeling when you dig a weed up and it turns out tobe a huge one covering a bigger area than you thought, by the time the rain started i’d almost filled my wheel barrow with weeds and prunnings of dead bits off the verious shrubs,

When i stop & think about it this shower is a good thing as it soaks in the granulated feed into the soil and waters the seeds ive sown.

After we got rained off i went into the barn and painted a second coat on the large garden bench so the days not all be lost.

I was thinking about the state this place was in when we first got sight of it (the house and land)
Nobody had lived in this house for 25 years and so not only did the complete house need lots doing to it but the land was well over grown and back to nature,

We fell in love with this house because of its location and the 2 acre land all around it,
The neighbours thought i was mad when i said i was going to make this field into a beautiful garden and an orchard.
Here we are now 9 years on and the house if almost finished except for a bit of outside pointing,
And the garden really is nice “but” as any gardener will tell you “a gardens never finished” your just keeping mother nature waiting, As soon as you no longer garden!
then she steps in and takes it back.
If you think about it we garden people go against all the rules by trying to grow against all the odds, IE we bring plants/shrubs from all parts of the world, from all different climates and growing conditions and try to grow them.
We dont want any weeds near our plants so we remove them, I bet half the time these weeds help the plants to grow,
Ive always expected to hear one day they’ve found a cure for some illness in the common chick weed or nettle, And to think we’ve been chucking them on the compost heap.

Yes gardening is full of questions and sometimes when i read the victorian ways of gardening i have to laugh,

I was reading today about how the victorians used urination (wee wee ) to verious uses,
(1) Was to have the masters bedroom “potty” taken to the gardener and the urination would be emptied onto the compost heap to aid the rotting down of the household compost waste, (no problem there)
(2) It was found that the common mole could be scared away from his mole tunnel if the smell’s of human urination was put in the entrance to the tunnel "mole hill soil removed and the hole will be found there,

The emplyed gardener was encouraged to urinate down the moles tunnel,
could you just imagen one sunday next door returning from church with the children and seeing the head gardener with his trousers down & kneeling down,
(delivering the weekly mole deterent) !

“Honest me lord its not how it looks, im a happy married man im just trying to scare the “mole” away"

Yes gardening has come a long way since the early victorian gardening ways.
Regards and
Good gardening to you all.

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Your funny , love your blog
I wonder if the wee wee really works against the old moles

26 Apr, 2013


I thought you were going to say precipitating down, Dungy!!you are very lucky to have so much land...hard work but, very , very satisfying !
Another entertaining blog!

26 Apr, 2013


Well Dungy, you'll be happy to know that nettles can be used as a tonic tea - Vit C to help ward off colds. And also as a gargle for sore throats. I did make nettle soup once, but didn't repeat the experiment! More popular as plant food these days...

Chickweed can be taken occasionally as a laxative, and can also be used as a cough and sore throat remedy.

You were very brave taking on such a huge undertaking - it must be great to stand back and see what you've achieved.

26 Apr, 2013


Hi again folks,
I was just going to bed "but the boss has given me the job of checking the P.C. to see if any gite bookings have come in so it gives me a chance to have a last look on here,

Irene 24, ref moles and wee wee working or not,
I was once a moderator on the BBC gardeners world forum and a lady asked me why her moles we're still alive after her husband had fixed a tube to his moped and tried to gas the moles out of her lawn,
It worked out in the end that this tube had melted whith the heat of the engine and caught fire "hence" her husband got off the moped and ran for it, the moped's fuel poured out and the moped caught fire, the fire brigade got to their house and as they we're finshed putting the burnt out moped to one side one of the fire men said to this ladies husband "look you've a visitor over there,
It was mr mole pushing earth up onto his lawn, the lady said she was thinking of going on the jeremy kyle show to see if he could help stop these moles producing so many of each other,
one of the firemen over heard her husband saying "I wouldnt take a blind bit of notice of anything jeremy had to say, "look whats happend here after i used a rubber on the end of it, (he was pointing at the moped).

Here in france land is cheap and just about every house has land with it, the french countryside folk have little plots half a mile from their homes and they grow veg more than anything,
It really is like going back 50 years here, nobody would dream of taking veg from these plots, its a very slow life style but a very relaxed one.
Well goodnight all.

26 Apr, 2013


Good morning Dungy, chilly and drizzly here this morning,

The victorians knew a thing or two about nature, it was only later that things like nicotine sprays turned out to be dangerous, they didn't realise that not all "natural things" are safe
Fascinating blog though!

27 Apr, 2013

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