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wouldn't it be a better plot??


By dungy


Evening playmates,
I was just watching crime watch and all these horrific crimes people get up too,
I could’nt help but think have we lost the “Plot”

And that brings me onto my thoughts ref do we need a new look at the gardening programs we’re looking at now.?

So many gardeners have said that the tv programs ref gardening are just not up to date, infact they are rubbish,

They have nothing on the machine side of gardening and lets face it "todays gardener has at least one machine to aid his/her garden needs,

But most gardeners have more in this tool area,
IE, lawn-mower, fuel or electric or even push, these all have blades all need tobe serviced and all need to be stored for the winter,
If these machines (all of them) are not serviced pre being put away then come spring we have problems and most of these problems are because fuel has damaged the machine due to it breaking down (2 stroke fuel)
spark plugs all gunged up etc etc All these service jobs can be explained via a good tv show on how & what to do to save yourself a fortune and by doing such jobs you’d understand your machine’s much better,

But we have more than a lawn mower, chain-saw’s /strimmers etc etc
what about some help in the saftey dept?
A chain saw can do a lot of damage, im sure a lot of people would be better off with a little instruction of what not to do with such a machine,

But one thing i’d love to see is an 100% honest test on as many new machines on the market as could be tested,
Let the gardener know whats worth buying and whats rubbish,
Same for the verious weed killers and price of them,

I really would like to see on the tv a gardening program that had the everyday gardener in mind.

Whats your thought on this one then??
Good idea or not so good????

Well if your one of the night slug hunters and your out there now “hunting”! good on yer! (im going to bed myself ) but ive left a dish of ale for the slugs and they’ll enjoy a drink of ale “on me” their last drink!!

So i’ll wish you all nice gardening and look forward to your thoughts on a new idea’s for a gardening program.

Goodnight all.

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I will probaby be shouted down but having not much interest in machines would probably not watch, but saying that it would be more interesting than whats on now......

I love GQT on the radio, its been running now for donkeys years so why not tv?
Or these quiz shows all over tv like a rash how about a good( by good I mean not dumbed down)gardening quiz.....instead of university challenge. Garden club challenge?

30 Apr, 2013


Considering the number of people who actively garden, I feell there are too few gardening programmes. My partner isn't a keen gardener but he enjoys the 'techy' side, I know he would love a slot presented by, let's say, James May on caring for garden tools. I would too.
I feel the current gardening programmes are aimed at those of us who already have the bug, maybe the visits to gardens open to the public should be balanced with basic 'potting shed' tips and maybe a spattering of tips from viewers.

30 Apr, 2013


I think your comments very relevant.I also think you know more about gardening than you let on when you joined Goy.!matters not.
Its possible there may be a few health and safety problems if advise on engine maintenance and the like were covered .times seem to have changed since Tommy& Charlie rampaged with there chain saws and nail guns( probably classed as offencive weapons now )in some teenagers hands they would be.
But yes most TV garden programs are only suitable for the beginner and under Fives.
Or perhaps I have been around to long.

30 Apr, 2013


Good point Dungy, I have taken to sourcing my info off the web, get far more help that way, gardening programs are certainly not up to date, if one has watched in the past then one already knows the routine anyway, too repetitive, although to be fair to Monty he does tell you to go by the weather we are experiencing now and not by the Month as in our parents days and also many of the instructions in the gardening books........

30 Apr, 2013


Must admit I have no interest whatsoever in machines, the only one I have is a hand push mower, so a program about machines wouldn't interest me but I realise that it could be very useful to those who have such things. The health and safety aspect is very important, so many of the gardening machines can do a lot of damage if care isn't taken.

30 Apr, 2013


Hi folks
Just had dinner having been to collect "roxanne" german shep rescue, from the vets she's had an opp to remove a growth from her insides, she's feeling a bit off and needs lots of T.L.C.,
Before we got her she'd spent two years in a celler and was very thin,
Now one year later and the vet said she was strong enough to have the opperation and this will give her a better chance of a longer life (3 years) she's 11 yr old now, And so its not just us humans who get a lot out of the garden "roxanne" loves the fresh air and just doing her thing,

But back to this blog,
Hello Louisa, Nice to hear from you,
If we did have a gardening program that did have a section that delt with the tools it could show people like your self whats new ref non engine tools, and for our members who are disabled, this can make such a difference,
Plus other gardening subjects that anyone of us has little help with such as the siting and errecting of the likes of a greenhouse, /polytunnel, cold frame etc.

Ive never yet seen a program about the verious greenhouse equipment for automatic window opening devices, auto watering kit, warming cables, etc etc.
These sorts of gardening subjects would need to be in a new section because we've never had any such program's.

Louisa, Im sure if you did see some of the modern gardening tools and aids to help you in your garden you'd be pleased you watched such a section of the program,
just as a thought, we're being told a lot more now than ever before not to use the hose pipe, because of water shortage,
But we never see or get any help from garden programs as to how's best to save water! or whats on the market to help us store water etc,
Now this isnt an engine subject but one you me & every gardener would better them selves by knowing the ways to go ref this subject.

Even a few reminders of what flowers/plants to keep the children away from 'fox glove" being one but we have a lot more that can cause serious illnes if eaten or touched and then un-washed hands handling food.

How many people on the first sunny weekend get the bbq out and end up in the A&E DEPT with burns due to using the wrong fuel to light the BBQ or serv meat unser cooked?
Again it's in the garden, its a gardening subject and we never hear or see any info ref these subjects,

30 Apr, 2013


Many gardeners are pet lovers also, Dungy .... I love to see Monty's dog accompanying him as he works in the garden .... and there are plants that are a danger to them too, such as the very fashionable lilies, and ones that they love, eg. cats & catmint. The odd section with pet lovers in mind wouldn't come amiss.

1 May, 2013

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