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As we gently pot up tiny plants from the garden centre


and write the label, our lifestyle is different from people who have grown up in heavily occupied mud walled desert cities. We see children on T/V playing in the alleys, without toys or anything that connects them to the soil.
They have no gardens, have never known gardens.
They have no understanding of the value of life.
As we say farewell to a parent or a pet, we are comforted by our love of plant life.
As recent events in London have proved once again, our
way of living is important to us and our children who see
us caring for new life in small plants.
As we saw our own parents when we were small.
Gardening is more than digging. Its about life and how
to treasure life.
This is what we have to show these immigrants who come to this country for a better lifestyle.
Please help by sharing your love of plantlife with any incomers who may live in your area.

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I love to garden Diane and talk about it to anyone but, most of all, I am looking forward to introducing my lovley new granddaughter, Fleur, to gardening and hope I an find some ways of getting her interest.I think one thing I may do to encourage her into the garden first is work on her imagination by making a small fairy garden at the back. I knoiw her mum is excited at this prospect and I'll hope it will be a first step to Fleur being inertersted in al aspects of the garden.

26 Mar, 2017


Thank you Paul. When she brings her friends home the Fairy Garden can b e expanded !
I think Aquilegeas will be a lovely choice.
When I was small I loved sitting in the middle of the soil digging with a small spade around me. Must have made loads of washing for my mother. I can remember this.
When they bought me a Micky Mouse Trike I found a tin of black paint in the garage, a brush, painted the seat and sat on it. They said I said " I have pegalled my bike up the miggle of the puggle."

27 Mar, 2017


Ha ha.....

27 Mar, 2017


I have a photograph of my Great Grand Mother with my
mother aged 2 sitting on her knee. Taken 117 years ago. In the background Geraniums can be seen growing in the lean-to greenhouse.
As a child I can remember my mother having a greenhouse
full of red Geraniums.
Now I have Geraniums/Pelargoniums in all shades growing in my greenhouse, a continuation of our way of life.
A philosopy through plants.
When they die, we replace them.

28 Mar, 2017


Geraniums first aroused my interest in gardening Diane. When I moved into a house with my dad(after my parents divorce in '76)aged 17, there were some geraniums (zonal pelargoniums) in the garden. We had a huge extension/conservatory with long length windows to two sides and a clear pespex roof. A friend of my dad's told me to 'stick a bit' of them in a pot of soil and put it in the conservatory. I didn't even use compost...just garden soil. I did a few and then this developed over the years and I looked into t properly and within 4 years (when I moved out when I married Julie) I had over a hundred which I gave to aunts etc .I got the bug. It started my interest which has endured and developed ever since.

28 Mar, 2017

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