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New Planting Area - Suggestions


In the Autumn we hired a digger to do some groundwork (new patio area) and to remove tree roots and a huge bamboo.

This isn’t the actual clump but it’s brother in another area.

I was less experienced 20 odd years ago when I planted it.

If you’ve ever tried to remove bamboo without mechanical means, you will know what a job it is.

It was like wild fire and blocking the view to the woodland.

We’re still trying to burn the debris and roots on the bonfire, huge solid roots that need to dry out properly.

I still need to tidy my newly gained slope ready for planting.

Im looking for suggestions what to plant.
The brook level varies so marginals tricky, they can get swept away. It’s a steep slope so quite dry in semi shade, I don’t want anything too tall, decisions decisions.

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Thanks Meadow, I had thought about Vinca :-)

13 Feb, 2020


I've seen Bamboo growing in La Bambouseraie Botanical Garden in France, surrounding a little village, huge and extensive. Best that you have removed. Dd gave me some Black stemmed Bamboo, but ive contained it in a tub.
Vinca sounds good, I've a variegated which is not boringly all green. It's in flower now, see previous pic Feb Flowers.

13 Feb, 2020


We’ve been to La Bambouserie too: amazing shop with everything made of bamboo.

Dawn, you could have drifts of Epimedium, interspersed with Heucheras and Hackonechloa. Colourful and low maintenance?!

13 Feb, 2020


It's all looking lovely, best of luck with burning the bamboo, satisfaction when it is all gone. Saw some Vinca minor at the Nursery today, white, which I haven't got - I have blue, purple and variegated, but not white!
Vinca is pretty tough and the white starry flowers could brighten up any darker places - why didn't I buy one?
Otherwise some of the buttercup family, Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris) or it's relations would probably do well.

13 Feb, 2020


My first thought was Vinca too. Its pretty and evergreen. There's a nice variegated one if you want to brighten the area, but it looks nice as a shady bank to me. Some nice ferns on there as well ..might help to stabilise it. And what about some Iris sibirica. They don't mind being flooded periodically. And what about Ligularia 'Othello' which doesn't get as tall as the other Ligularias, and would give you those lovely plates of foliage. Or 'Little Rocket' for the spikes of flowers and a shorter habit than Rocket. Carex grasses don't mind wet, and the blue one loves being wet, and it's a really good blue. Not for a border in my opinion but for wilder areas, really pretty. Carex flacca is one option. I wonder if helleborus foetidus would like it there? It's lovely over the winter isn't it. :)

13 Feb, 2020


Crikey Siris, I thought mine was bad, that other clump can go when we hire a digger again, we had a little walk through it but too high maintenance.
Thanks everyone, you’ve given me food for thought, i’ll get googling.

13 Feb, 2020


I thought ferns too - they always look good with water. Mimulus would spread nicely there too - they don't mind getting wet at all.

13 Feb, 2020


primula harlow carr hybrids are also a suggestion , I have plenty vinca if you want more. Symphytum is also a possible. Water avens. Bergenia.

13 Feb, 2020


Thanks Stera :-)
Seaburn, primula would be good :-) thanks for the other suggestions

15 Feb, 2020

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