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What a good idea


I don’t know about you but I spend quite a bit of time in the Summer walking with a watering can in each hand and it’s hard work. I came across this today, looks great, probably appeals to me more as I walk distances with cans. I wonder if they’re any good.

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Looks great, but for a lot of us perhaps heavy enough to do us harm

25 Mar, 2018


Good idea if your garden is flat and you haven't got a ruptured disc in your back and arthritic knees ! :)

It looks great and I hope it works for you Dawn :)

25 Mar, 2018


Ooh Dawn...that looks so heavy! Just imagine as you have to lift and tip....on no, now I've drowned it!
Not for me...two watering cans are great for the arms...but then my garden is small...walking is the perfect exercise so this wouldn't appeal to me...

25 Mar, 2018


Me neither. I empathise Dawn. Walking about with watering cans is very hard work. Could you either get some drip system, or use a long hose. That will kill your back if its not already knackered like most of us gardeners! It must be quite a job keeping all your new trees watered.

25 Mar, 2018


I use 4 watering cans placed in a play wagon. my garden slopes down into a wooded area so I start at the top and when it’s time to go back up and water the other side of the garden I have half the weight I started out with. If you could connect a long hose to that bag, gravity feed could let you water quite a distance without having to move that wheelbarrow around to much while still heavily laden with water. The picture showen here is a fugazi. That load is a few hundred pounds and no way did that gardener get that wheelbarrow to the tree all by her lonesome.

25 Mar, 2018


Think I'd have one or two more watering cans Dawn, and put them all in the wheel barrow.. Or if you have a ride on mower, put them in the trailer and off you go...

25 Mar, 2018


Now there's a good idea! :)

25 Mar, 2018


Thanks guys for your thoughts and ideas. I never thought of the weight.
Loosestrife your play wagon sounds ideal :-)

26 Mar, 2018


In Sweden I have so much watering to do. It gets hot in the summer and we are trying to establish trees and plants. We have a well for watering the garden. I think buckets and my wheelbarrow could be a wining combination. This blog has been really helpful.

26 Mar, 2018


Dawnsaunt, there is a photo of this wagon with its cargo of watering cans on page one of my photos section ...second picture from the left top.

26 Mar, 2018


Linda, I fill my watering cans from the brook, I've tried watering cans in the wheel barrow and they dont sit well and spill but better than carrying cans.
Loosestrife, off to look at your picture.

27 Mar, 2018


I think its a good idea But the weight is quite something! I still remember on the allotment how I used to put up to three watering cans in a wheelbarrow to get to the bottom of the allotment, it was crazy when the sun was hot & if you weren't very careful you could turn off the grass path & spill all the water from the cans onto the ground- I know it happened to me a few times!!!

28 Mar, 2018


Yes Balcony, I've done that.

29 Mar, 2018


LOL! ?

30 Mar, 2018

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