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A Few Signs of Spring


The snow has melted and the winds have dropped.

The buds are swelling on the shrubs and trees.

Acer brilliantissimum


Forsythia Lynwood


Cornus controversa variegata

Cardoon doesn’t look affected by the snow

The Wild Garlic is emerging

The Snowdrops are still giving it their all

The Woodland Narcissi are beginning to open

This pair of mallards seem to be around a lot just lately

H double Ellen is looking pretty

The Tommies are up but need sunshine

I couldn’t miss H tutu out

Bluebells lying in wait, they won’t flower until May

Pulmonaria and the Crocus is probably Ruby Giant

Moss in the Woodland, so bright

Roll on Spring

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Lovely blog D a.

6 Mar, 2018


I would just love to stroll through your woodland garden Dawn.....I have woodland envy now lol!! it does look as if Spring is springing in your garden doesn't it? lovely...

6 Mar, 2018


What a beautiful place for us to 'visit!'
The photo of the mallard is so lovely.
The daffodils look so pretty.

6 Mar, 2018


What a delightful touch of Spring Dawn . . . thank you for making me smile :)

6 Mar, 2018


Fantastic Dawn! Loving that big violet crocus. I think you will have spring very soon! And hopefully we wont be far behind.

6 Mar, 2018


Thanks for your kind comments. :-)
Dotty, you're welcome anytime for a stroll :-)

6 Mar, 2018


Beautiful blog Dawn, I so enjoyed the walk through your woodland garden, another couple of weeks and some sunshine and those buds will be popping! Once the daffies start, that's spring for me and we'll be putting that hour on too, there'll be so many pics on GoY, we won't have any time for!

6 Mar, 2018


I agree Janey...daffodils are the start of spring for me too. And if we just get a bit of sunshine, they will be out...the early ones.

6 Mar, 2018


Isn't it nice to see the spring arriving after such dreadful weather :) I love your shrubs and spring flowers Dawn ...

6 Mar, 2018


that's certainly looking like spring to me dawn.
lovely blog.

6 Mar, 2018


Janey, Spring is such an exciting time isnt it.
So we change the clocks on Sunday 25th March at 1am, whoo, only 17 days away!
Yes Karen, the daffodils will be smiling soon heralding the arrival of spring.
Thanks Hywel, how the plants pull through that awful cold wind snow ice amazes me.
Meadow, now the magnolia buds look like they’ve taken a bashing and the magnolia look a bit ropey.
Thanks Seaburn, fingers crossed our gardens will be springing into life all over soon.

7 Mar, 2018


Lovely you are further on than me!

7 Mar, 2018


Dawn I do love your blogs...

7 Mar, 2018


Lots of colour there DA.

The crocus us certainly highly - coloured and seems to live up to its name.

How lovely to have a woodland:

"A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!"

But a woodland's even better, is it not?

7 Mar, 2018


Thanks Sewing, you'll soon catch up.
Thanks Stera :-). So kind.
Eirlys, so true.
I love the woodland - all seasons so different.
I really like my pond in Summer too when the lily's flower etc.
My borders are also special - I think we all agree we do love our gardens :-)

7 Mar, 2018


So happy that your spring is starting. Ours got off to a great start and now we're under snow again! All I've had to post in the last while is the deer in my garden...looking for spring buds no doubt! Poor things, this is their lean time.
I really envy your hellebores! and the crocuses, too.
Blogs of the UK spring help keep me sane while our Canadian winter decides to let go. I really enjoyed this blog. Roll on spring!

9 Mar, 2018


Never mind Lori, you have heaps of goodies just around the corner...

9 Mar, 2018


What a lovely, hope filled blog, Dawn!

More & more Crocuses & Daffodils are opening on our balcony & this Sunday many should open in the warmth & a little sunshine we are forecast!

We don't have room for shrubs on our balcony but between Pansies, Daffodils & Crocuses it looks like spring has sprung! ?

10 Mar, 2018


Love looking around your garden, Dawn, it's pretty mucky here though - nothing but rain & cold at that, some roads flooded & several diversion signs up.

11 Mar, 2018


Lori I hope your weather improves very soon and also hope the deer aren't too destructive.
Balcony, I have picture all the lovely spring colours on your balcony. My hyacinths are just pushing through the ground :-)
Thank you GreenF. Very sludgy here too, rain rain and more rain.

15 Mar, 2018


Just today I discovered that one Hyacinth has a flower bud about to open, it's pink! There are more in the pot but this is the very first! ?

In the gardens of the church I go to there are some Hyacinths that have been planted for very many years & I noticed a week or more ago the buds were showing colour, well now they are almost all open! ?

Looks like we are in for another very cold, icy & snowy weekend! ? Never mind in another week spring will have sprung! ??

15 Mar, 2018


I looked out this morning to discover we're covered in the white stuff again - I've had enough already!

17 Mar, 2018


Snow here too, very windy, but sun shine in between, very odd weather. I'm looking forward to spring, we change the clock next weekend don't we.
I like the hyacinths, the ones at the church are early aren't they, fragrance is divine.

17 Mar, 2018


We woke up to a little snow dusting the roofs of the houses across the road from us & a little on the grass outside our bedroom window, which faces East! Around 10am it started off a little again but in a short while stopped & we haven't seen any more fall during the day! ?

We are forecast more during the night however. So on Sunday morning we may well wake up to see more snow!

17 Mar, 2018


It's just as well the spring bulbs are tough :-)

17 Mar, 2018


We did wake up to more snow but only a centimetre! What little fell was blown by the strong cold wind into little "wavelets" on the grass & just barely covered the rooftops of the houses across the road from us!

And I, jokingly, said to my wife as we got into bed last night that tomorrow we might have to get a spade out to dig our way out!!! ???

Amongst the pots of Crocuses & mini-Daffs on the balcony railings there is a black plastic pot with the first mini-Daffs to open on the railings. Well when I opened the balcony curtains this morning about 8am I saw they were hanging down as though they needed watering, which of course they didn't, then I realized it was because of the heavy frost of last night & the strong, extremely cold East wind that had caused this to happen! At 12.30pm this afternoon they had returned to their previous position!

18 Mar, 2018


It's still very cold here, the water bucket was solid ice yesterday & it hasn't thawed yet.

20 Mar, 2018


Well it probably would have done here today as the temps were around 8C at 3pm. Yet that naggingly cold wind from the Northeast made it feel a lot colder.

For the first day of spring it wasn't the most pleasant of days!

20 Mar, 2018

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