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Trees 5


Last Tree Blog.
I will need to re-visit this later in the year as some of the photos are uninspiring.

Eucalyptus gunnii I thought I’d lost this after the awful 2010 winter but it re-grew from the base.

Davidia involucrata (hankerchief tree). Should be stunning when it matures.

Prunus subhirtella Autumnalis.
I’ve been slightly disappointed with this, blossom a bit hit and miss.

Sequoia sempervirens (Coastal Redwood)
I know, going to be a monster one day. This is evergreen.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood)
Yes, this tiny tree is another huge conifer, this one is deciduous (obviously)

Acer pseudoplatanus brilliantissimum

Liquidambar styraciflua – a special tree as Amy kindly sent for me.

Betula albosinensis China Ruby Peeling Bark
A prize birch which I’m hoping is going to be a stunner when mature.

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Lots of my favourites there, I really am amazed! never realised you had this many.......must be a full time job looking after you have a top favourite out of all these beauties Dawn?

6 Jan, 2018


Secretive aren’t I lol, wait til I do a shrub blog, only joking. A bit difficult to say which are favourites as most aren’t mature yet although I think acers take some beating and Betula :)

6 Jan, 2018


All the blogs absolutely stunning Dawn. Can't imagine how you can look after all this and keep it so perfect. its wonderful - how big is the whole area?

6 Jan, 2018


You are too kind Stera.
Around 3.5 acres although the woodland is about 2 acres, its far from perfect close up. I love it, I put as much time into it as possible and I still work 2 days a week, maybe not for much longer! I also try and keep expenditure down as it could run away with you.

6 Jan, 2018


Wonderful Dawn. And I love your Prunus Atumnalis . . . mine is so new it only has about ten flowers!

6 Jan, 2018


Yes, I love the prunus subhirtella too. The blossoms tend to come sparsely at first, but reach their height in early spring. Its a subtle tree but those early blossoms are very welcome. You are creating a beautiful legacy Dawn!

7 Jan, 2018


Sheila, more to follow, I thought from their name they were a autumn flowerer but not really.
Thanks Karen :-) your Prunus is a much better example than mine (was looking at your pics last night).

7 Jan, 2018


Awe inspiring. The redwoods will be truly amazing when mature I hope the future generations appreciate them. I think they are stunning trees. Do you have permanent labels on them as you would find in an arboretum? I think I would so that in the distant future others will know what they are.

7 Jan, 2018


What a beautiful area you have created with so many specimen trees. Lovely, lovely choices.
Liquidamber will be stunning, as will so many others you have chosen.

7 Jan, 2018


Funny you should say that Dawn....Mine isn't grafted like yours. I noticed that. Yours looks like it will grow a totally different shape. In nature, they grow upwards quite straight for the first few years, but then start to grow horizontal branches. Yours looks like its been grafted so the flowering branches are still at the 'stiff' stage. I don't know how it will look when it starts going off horizontally....time will tell.

7 Jan, 2018


It looks like you have about half a dozen young trees grafted on to one stem. It's certainly different! lol!

7 Jan, 2018


Seaburn, what a great idea getting permanent labels, I've seen those at the arboretum, I will look into it.
Have you been up close to a redwood? The trunks are spongy to the feel. When they are big enough to be a problem, they'll be someone else's problem!
Wildrose, as tiny as it is, the Liquidamber has stunning autumn colour.
Omg Karen, well spotted, hmmm, I will look at it, now here lies a tale. It was a free gift from Robert at Bluebell Nursery, he missed an appointment with us and when he did come, he brought this tree as an apology, so it could be a bit special or a dud they wanted to get rid of (not wishing to sound ungrateful).

7 Jan, 2018


AW....well you can't look a gift horse etc. :)

7 Jan, 2018


I enjoyed your trees blogs Dawn.
Liquidamber is a pretty tree in the autumn. There's a lot of them in car parks near here.
I like the Acer with very light bark :)

7 Jan, 2018


Dawn I have so enjoyed looking at your Tree blogs, you have an amazing selection, your visitors will be fascinated, you will certainly need some permanent labels, I always look for them whenever I visit an arboretum......

9 Jan, 2018


Thanks Hywel, the Acer is very pretty when it comes into leaf in Spring.
Dotty, I need to look into the labelling.

10 Jan, 2018

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