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bubble bath


hi all,
you know i have to tell you this. it is rather funny in a odd sort of way.
some time ago i created a circular pattern in the front garden using block pavors. the top soil had been removed, it was then lined with a plastic membrane and filled with gravel (chard flint) to you.
in the centre circle i placed the obligatory water feature. it was a really nice one. you know the two half-barrels with the feature “hand pump”.
it did it during the winter and everything really went well and looked nice.
went to bed one night and woke to find that some joker had put bubble bath in the water feature. i kid you not, the front garden looked like the north pole after a blizzard. effin bubble bath everywhere.
eventually got rid of the bubble bath and the water feature is in the shed and free to a good home. it really pixxed me off.

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Awwww, live and let live Dave! It was just a joke, you'll look back and laugh one day!

Give it a while, I'm sure you'll put it back in one day.....

20 Apr, 2009


in the 80's they put an ornamental 'star' fountain on a round about in sunderland. i mean a big star about 6ft diameter. some joker put a bottle of washing up liquid in. the road was closed for 2 1/2 hrs until it was drained. never worked since.

it isnt fair when this happens especially when we work hard to do it.

20 Apr, 2009


ooh the buggers.. have you changer your pic dave?
x x x

20 Apr, 2009


Best laugh of the day! Thanks , Dave.

20 Apr, 2009


yes it is quite funny now, but at the time i was well peed off.
we used to have one of those door bells where you plugged in the ringing tone into a 13 amp socket. well bugger me if probally the same joker pulled the door bell bit off the door. not amused.
my money is on my daughter's ex. as i had to tell him politely but firmly to go away.
mookins, yes got welsh flag up, you prefer my mug then????? do not answer that. ok will change it
had to stay in all day waiting for my sander to be delivered, as you know now i do not have a door bell !

20 Apr, 2009

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